Monday 23 December 2013

Happy Christmas 2013

                   Wishing you all a wonderful Xmas and Best wishes for 2014 

Saturday 14 December 2013

Martha the Barbet dog?

No, not Martha but her sister Lili in Holland. I so hope one day the girls will meet, I reckon they would have a riot.

Martha and her sister officially retrieving Barbets

Martha and Lili are sisters and a proud day for both owners.

Barbet Calendars 2014

I still have 3 available so if anyone would like a Barbet photo calendar then please email me asap on

The calendars are £12.50 which includes postage.

The calendars are an important part of fund raising for the breed in the UK.

Not forgetting that they also remind you about those doggy Birthdays, which are also so important.

Wednesday 27 November 2013

Barbet Puppies 2014

I am hoping that 2014 will bring forth the patter of tiny paws again.
Hallie and Martha have both passed the health checks for breeding, so once males have been confirmed I will be making official announcements.

Martha and Hallie are related to each other as Eton is the Father of Hallie, and Effie is the Mother of Martha, and Eton and Effie are brother and sister.
Both Hallie and Martha love water and mud , and both retrieve well ( and I mean retrieve not playing fetch) but what they are really good at ,is cuddles.

Barbet Club GB

We now have a facebook page so that you can post photos and find out more about the Club and its members

If you are on facebook, go on to your search bar and type in Barbet Club of GB.
Then click the tab to join.
Look forward to seeing you there

Monday 25 November 2013

Barbet calendars 2014

It is that time of year ago and we are fund raising by selling rather spectacular Barbet Calendars.
The bad news is that I only have 5 available wall calendars, and the desk calendars are already sold out.
The costs are £12.50 which includes postage.
If you are interested then please email me asap on

Dear Hallie

Any excuse to be on the table for a groom

Wednesday 20 November 2013

Be prepared and do your research for Pet Cremations

This is a horrible topic but needs to be written.
Don't just trust your vet at the time when your world has collapsed because you have had to say goodbye to probably one of your closest companions through a part of your life.
There is now an association that hopefully we can trust.

I know we don't want to think about it, and when it happens you have to make the decision so quickly that it becomes something you don't want to research so it is best to check who is good in your area.

Pet cremations are often costed by the weight of the animal and this also allows some in the trade to give you the appropriate weight back in ashes and yet your beloved pet has actually been cremated with others.

So to avoid a mass cremation, check out this link and see who abides to single cremations in your area.

Pet Cremations

Bepop x Jedi Puppy update

Obi at 7 months looking angelic

Hugo at 7 months with his best friend

Monday 11 November 2013

11th November 2014

Photo by Graham Peacock

Guess the Barbet ?

Sunday 3 November 2013

Shoot No.2 for Martha the Barbet

Well, Martha survived her 2nd Shoot yesterday and she definitely proved that she is not gun-shy and she is not a chaser. Once again we had a lot of deer yesterday on the drives, it is quite scary to see a deer heading straight at you.
Martha was more distracted yesterday as often Julian and I were in different places, quite sweet really that finding one of us was more important than a pheasant, and what was even more interesting is that she air scented every time.

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Mate Select Kennel Club

I am pleased to say that so far some of the Barbets are showing up :)
Novaforesta Duplo, Novaforesta Eton, Novaforesta Dudley and I am still looking.
We are slowly making progress

If the links do not work then just go to mate select, and then health

Afternoon Barbet boys, Eton and Rugby

The boys are good friends, even though Rugby is rather a wild child :) anyway, first groom for Rugby last week and it was rather exhausting as he was not really very impressed but I think he will be better next time. Eton is well behaved for grooming so hopefully Rugby will pay more attention next time as to what to do when up on a grooming table and he will remember to keep 4 paws still. Rugby is already showing his natural ability to flush, so these two boys could become quite a team :)

Mr Bentley the Barbet

A lovely start to my day as Mr Bentley came for a groom, and he loves being here which always helps.
Mr Bentley is a boy from my very first litter, and he lives nearby so I get to see him about every 12 weeks. He will be 6 years old next March, where does the time go? Mr Bentley has had an exciting life, he survived being run over, he was attacked badly by a flat coat retriever (Hmmm...) and has even had his stomach pumped after eating something he shouldn't! and he also has to tolerate other dogs in his home as his owner fosters dogs for a rescue centre.

Friday 25 October 2013

Dogs and fireworks

It is getting near that time of year that we start to hear fireworks every night :)
So it is worth starting to look for some sounds to play in advance.
If this is your pups first year then start playing the sounds at dinner time as though it is just part of your new routine, no fuss just as though you are listening to a CD, then each day just turn the sound up a little more.
Don't anticipate a problem as most dogs are not concerned.


Tuesday 22 October 2013

Ralph the Barbet puppy at 6 months old

This is Ralph , a pup from Bepop and Jedi he is already 6 months old and growing into a handsome chap.

Sunday 20 October 2013

Hip Score results and breeding

and the good news is .......Martha has 7/8 hips which means she has now passed her health checks for breeding.
2014 will be another bumper year for the breed in the UK as I hope that we will have the patter of little paws.

Hallie and Martha are both lovely Barbets and are both Grandchildren from the foundation girls in the UK, Betsy and Bepop.

Hallie is a French registered pedigree Barbet,  has the Tan, a clear eye certificate, hip score 5/4, confirmed exc at a dog show in France and proved her character on a shoot in the UK.
Martha formerly a Dutch registered pedigree Barbet ( but shortly will be transferred to the French registration ) has the Tan, a clear eye certificate, hip score 7/8, confirmed exc at a dog show in France, and has now been on a shoot in the UK and proved her steadiness.
Both girls will retrieve to hand with cold game, and both swim well
Both Hallie and Martha are approx 55 in height and weigh approx 20Kg,
Both girls are delightful company and are excellent family dogs

I will be very happy to be able to reproduce little Marthas' and little Hallies'  and I will be choosing   husbands for both girls that will compliment their characters and good health.
It all sounds perfect doesn't it?, I have bred 4 litters and already the breed is sorted and I have perfect Barbets.
Well, there is no such thing as a perfect dog for a start and the Barbet is no different.
The breed is still young in the UK and I still have so much to learn but I can't help but be excited about more puppies :0    

Barbets and Shoots

Well, Martha survived her first shoot yesterday. I am pleased to say that she showed no concerns over gunfire, beating sticks or flags waving so I was very pleased. When you take a young dog on a shoot you have to be prepared as not every dog will cope with all the new situations that they have to deal with. It is also important as an owner that you are confident that the other dogs on the shoot are well mannered dogs as a young dog can easily be influenced and what you really don't want is your dog following the deer or rabbit chaser! or sniffing the butt of an aggressive lab or spaniel. However yesterday was perfect, we had a nice mix of labs and spaniels that were very dedicated to working, so ideal for Martha. If Martha had to sum up yesterday then she would say she had a crazy dog walk! I on the other hand see things differently as it was a pleasure to take a dog that was under control that had to face new experiences and the only time I lost sight of her was when she found the birds hanging on the trailer so she has potential :)
Martha is the fifth Barbet that I have taken on a shoot, so I am learning all the time about the breed as a gundog. I have seen very good handling of dogs and I have seen very bad handling of dogs and as I get more experienced I find it harder to keep my mouth shut when I see the bad handling. If my dogs are naughty I blame myself first as a rule, doesn't mean that I don't tell them how I feel though and if you have a good relationship with your dogs they know they have been naughty as you just give them a look.....they don't need to be thrashed to be taught a lesson. Anyway I am looking forward to Martha and I going to the shoot again, how she reacts when she knows where we are going will tell me how much she enjoyed her first shoot.  

Wednesday 16 October 2013

French dog shows and Barbets

 I had a minor panic as the vet at the Dog show in France was insisting on giving the dogs tick treatment and although I had taken worming tablets I had no frontline. I doubted myself and thought how could I have forgotten something so important. Luckily the vet who we have met before had spare frontline which he used and when I looked at Marthas' passport she had no other entries for frontline and yet 3 entries for worming as she has been out of the Country several times on visits. Phew, it was not my brain misbehaving I was right and the frontline was not needed but the dogs got it anyway. The vet agreed to check the new regulations for entering the UK, but for the future I will always take spares just in case as it may be easier to frontline than try to explain in French that it is not needed. 

1. Overview

When travelling with your pet dog, cat or ferret, the rules you must follow depend on the country you’re going to or coming from.

Travelling within the EU (or into the EU from another ‘listed’ country)

When travelling to or returning to the UK from another EU or non-EU listed country your pet needs:

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Barbets and French dog shows

We have just returned from Douai Dog Show in France and we are still smiling as Martha and Hallie were both amazing. It was a 2 day show, On Saturday it was a French Championship show and on the Sunday it was the International Show. Although Martha competed in both, due to her age she could not get a CAC or the CAIB but it was very good experience for her anyway. Hallie was in the open class both days and got the CAC on Saturday and on Sunday got the CACs and CAIB and title of Best Bitch. To say we were pleased is an understatement as she had stiff competition for the title. Martha and Hallie both received Excellent  from different judges over both days and that for me is important. Dear Martha managed to make all the judges speak a little English, they loved her expression so I think she batted her eyelashes at them rather than the WTF look, she made them smile anyway.
We heard afterwards that the Judge on Sunday had remarked that the British Barbet was of a high standard, so he will go down as being a good judge of the breed :)
We had a lot of fun over the weekend, the dog showing  is tiring but as it is such a different thing to do with the dogs, it is worth the effort and the travelling.

Friday 27 September 2013

The Institute of Canine Biology

Is knowledge the way forward for the Barbet?

Anyone who is interested in dogs and wants to further their knowledge, then there are now courses being run online, there is even one that will be tailormade for the Barbet.

Barbet pedigree dogs

I am always happy when the paperwork arrives, and even happier when it is all correct and I can send it on to the owners of my pups. So my last litter with Bepop and Jedi are now all official.  

Obi Barbet puppy is growing up

Once known as red collar, now he is known only as Obi. Bepop and Jedis' pups are nearly 6 months old already, where does the time go?

Saturday 7 September 2013

Agrippine the Barbet RIP

At 11 years old Agrippine the Barbet has joined another world, hopefully full of cats and rabbits that she can chase forever. This lovely dog was Bepops Mum, and the photo is of her before her first haircut. Bepop is very like her Mother I think, and my thoughts are with the family of Agrippine as they have such a presence in your life that they leave a terrible void.

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Barbet dogs, and ponds

Bobby on fish watch
Bepop on fish watch
The dogs are completely fascinated by the fish, I fear it is only a matter of time before someone takes the plunge. The fish went in late last night, so it is early days.
Martha was playing it cool this morning as she had found a stick that was more interesting than the fish so I had thought.

Friday 30 August 2013

Male Barbet Puppy available

This little chap is 4 months old and still looking for his forever home. He has been micrchipped, vaccinated against rabies and has a pet passport.
He is called Artos, and loves to swim and play, but as that is what Barbets are good at, no real surprise:).
If you are interested, then either look up Barbet Beppina on facebook and see more family photos of Artos with his brothers or contact me and I will pass on your details.
There is one slight problem........although he is ready to have a family of his own, he is in Poland.
and if you want a Barbet this is an opportunity......there are no Novaforesta storks arriving until 2014.  

Thursday 29 August 2013

Hector the Barbet boy

Lovely day today as I saw Bonnie and her son Hector. As you may know, he is the brother of Hallie.
Hector is like his Dad Eton, in character as he is really full of fun and very outgoing.
He has the most adorable expression.
A future Stud as he has now passed all his health checks, and will be confirmed early next year in France.
He is rather apprehensive in my grooming room as he knows what will be happening next :)

Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Yesterday I mentioned that Jazz the Standard Poodle had to cope with 2 kittens, well I think we have to admit that he has coped well in his first week. I think kittens are very very brave, and Jazz is just a wonderful example of a well mannered gentleman.  

Wednesday 28 August 2013

Jazz the Standard Poodle

A quick update for those who are interested.
A week of anti inflammatory tablets meant that he was buzzing, the words ''calm down'' were said far too often and I had to shut my eyes watching him take corners at speed as his back legs failed him and he would end up in a heap. So as they also upset his stomach, he has been taken off them as he was a liability to himself. It is a hard choice sometimes, but he did a 3 mile walk at the weekend and still ran out in the garden looking for a ball, and he is still no stiffer after exercise than before. His time will come when he needs them, but I don't think he needs them yet. As for the ghastly lump on his back that the vet wanted to remove with a GA after a week of antibiotics, and in fairness to the vet it was hard to see what was skin and what potentially was hair.  Well yesterday I shaved him off, and my daughter who is less squeamish investigated the lump. As Jazz is deaf and very poor sighted, he took no notice of the screams and my retching, he just sat there in his own world, and the good news is that without going into too much detail, the lump is now an acceptable size (he has had it years bless him).Another shock for Jazz is that at 13.5 years old, he now shares his home with 2 kittens, and he is coping. He is an amazing dog, his life changes daily and yet he takes it all in his stride

basic skills test for Barbet dogs

Martha has the retrieving ability

Hope looking very well behaved compared to the others. 

A bit of fun, will they all retrieve a bird? the answer was 'yes'
Well all the dogs passed the basic skills test, otherwise known in France as the TAN. We had a good morning, the dogs were able to have a quick run before they had to do their retrieve and once Mick who was the examiner had seen the dogs and ticked the pass box we were able to do a bit of training with birds. Having just spent 3 days at the Game Fair with Claude, Hope, Hallie and Martha and seeing how sociable they were, and how they had no reaction to the any of the gunfire, and how as a group they plunged into the water I was quietly confident that the 4 dogs would pass. This will be the 3rd Tan taken in the UK offered by the Barbet Club and so far we have had only 2 fails, one Barbet would not swim and the other Barbet swam like an otter but would not retrieve!!!.
 I can recommend Mick as a gundog trainer, he is someone who listens and accepts readily that the Barbet is not going to do things like a spaniel or a lab, so if you have any problems with your Barbet he is certainly a good contact and is very approachable,
The Tan is a test that can be taken from the age of 6 months old, we are of course very grateful that the French Breed Club has allowed this test to be performed in the UK, the other working tests are only available in France.

Barbet Bepop and Jedi puppy update

This is Ralph enjoying a beach holiday

This is Harpo still enjoying the ball pond

This is Hugo looking rather relaxed

Sunday 11 August 2013

Martha the Barbet

I can't really call her Mad Martha anymore as she is growing up into quite a normal sensible dog but and there is always a but she still wakes me every night and it is always the same routine. She sleeps half in her dog bed and half sprawled out on the floor, and without fail about 2am I wake up because I can her this huffing and puffing noise and a definate current of air. Martha is doing the cha cha with her body and breathing on my face. Well many moons ago I would stumble downstairs and open the back door, and she would stand there surveying the night by my side with that Martha look, if she could speak she would be asking '' what are we doing now''  an impolite version being ''wtf''. But we have moved on from our night time excursions and all that happens now is a butterfly kiss on my hand and she walks back to her bed and goes back to sleep.
On another very positive note, she asked for an armpit tickle from a visitor which was lovely to see as it is really nice that others can witness the loving and affectionate dog that Martha is with us.
Everyone loves Martha, she is a very endearing dog,
She will be taking the Tan shortly, then her hips will be tested and then she will be attending a dog show in France.

Agnes the Barbet puppy

Nothing better than seeing or hearing about how puppies are getting on, Agnes is doing very well and has recently added plane travel to her life experiences. I am pleased to say that she took it all in her stride.

Puppy visit

Little Ralph popped in yesterday to visit his Mum and to catch up with Martha and have a quick game. He had to suffer his ears being plucked so at that point he decided he wanted to leave his place of birth and carry on with his holiday.

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Life with an old poodle

I have had years of good health in my dogs, only visiting a vet for boosters or for breeding checks so it is only fair to expect that it had to happen.
Jazz my 13.5 year old poodle who had his toe removed more than 4 years ago (probably cancer, but didn't check) has now got several lumps, the worse one is on his back and looks like a polo covered in hair. He is virtually blind and deaf but his sense of smell is still better than all my other doggy residents! He is a fine example of an old dog. Well after our visit he is now on anti inflammatory medication and antibiotics for a week and the vet possibly wants to remove the lump under a GA so we will have to see whether in a week I want him to have a GA, I am secretly hoping that they can put a band around it and it will drop off. So a good visit really for Jazz, and I was well behaved other than one minor disagreement about ear cleaner. The vet looked in his ears and remarked they were hairy and dirty, yup.....I agreed and it is on my list of jobs to sort and she gave me that look that I dread and said '' Ear Cleaner'' well folks I don't do ear cleaner, no doubt it works but I just have never used it on any of my dogs who also have never had ear problems. I don't consider a dirty ear as a problem so I said ''NO'' why pay for something you are not going to use. I think I must have a lot of black marks against my name. Worth remembering that although dirty ears can be ok, dirty smelly ears are not, there is a huge difference.
As for the anti inflammatories, I will wait and see as, although he is stiff legged he still manages at least an hour sometimes jogging on the beach every day, and he has no ill effects. If we take away the stiffness, will he do something daft, that is what bothers me, afterall he is still a crazy poodle that dances on his back legs when excited and still takes corners too fast when playing....take away his stiff legs and he is quite likely to kill himself, he is blind and deaf so a loose cannon potentially.
So my old man Jazz is doing fine for now and I will keep you posted.


Monday 29 July 2013

Bobby the Barbet

Bobby the Barbet is growing well and has been a delight so far although I think there has been an incident concerning wall paper !. Puppies can be naughty, but they grow up so quickly that you sort of have to forget some of those moments when they trash your house :). I have marks all over my house that I can point to and say who did what......and every dog brush I own has teeth marks which are the art work of Martha.

Bobby the poodle cross

Bobby used to have separation anxiety but I think at 4.5 years old he has finally learnt that being apart has certain I suddenly realised that I hadn't seen him for a few hours and decided to go and check he was ok. It doesn't look that comfy but as he didn't move (I had to find my camera) I am presuming he was very content. He has the best of both worlds, Bepop was curled up on the sofa so he had company, he also had a view of the outside world, plus on the window sill is an antler that he had been chewing, a real antler that he had found in the garden.

Sunday 28 July 2013

Dog History and confusion

This has been sent to me by one of our Barbet owners in the UK, and it is worth a read as for me it highlights why there are disputes throughout the world on the history of certain breeds including the Barbet. People see a painting or a photograph that potentially has a historical link to their breed of dog and then claim it to be part of their dog history. The link below shows paintings, and the confusion surrounding it and is very well written.
Dog history

When I read about the Barbet and its history on websites around the world, I feel quite sad about the future as there are so many confusing accounts. I feel sorry for anyone in 100 years looking back in time, as this slice of Barbet history being made will be nonsense to any good researcher, and where will they find out information as websites will come and go, will there be internet archives available? we have history available to us from books written centuries ago for our present research.
The history of the Barbet in the UK (which will be documented on paper records) will only be facts although I would like to offer explanations as to why the breed has struggled in mainly France I will not as it will then become my personal opinion mixed with facts and for any historical content in the future it would be useless.

Eton and pups

Here is Eton looking rather bearlike, with two puppies, Rugby and Obi from Bepops last litter. Eton is a lovely boy, he is so tolerant of the pups and has the perfect sit and stay which I witnessed on walks and whilst camping over the weekend.

Charamese Hermione aka Hallie

Hallie was a real sweetie and just loved meeting all the visitors. She will be confirmed in France in October and hopefully by then will have taken the basic working test (TAN). Health checks have already been done with perfect results so 2014 her maternal duties will begin.