Sunday 29 April 2012

Barbet puppies at 5 weeks

The rain stopped and the 5 week old pups at Annettes were released into the bigger world of outside. When you see this photo you can't help but think they are longing for the next stage which is 'the field'.
Tomorrow I am going to see them again, so although I will say 'goodbye' to my temporary puppy residents, I will also get a few puppy cuddles with older pups. Having so much puppy time is almost as good as having my own, but it has made me realise its time for more puppies at the Preston house, its been far too long.

Saturday 28 April 2012

Wet days and paperwork but lots of good news.

Another wet day in the UK, its getting a tad boring and with any spare time I should be down my allotment planting seeds. But instead, I am sorting out paperwork inbetween the most important distraction of puppies.
News today, two of the male puppies from Ebene and Ooli will be training for gundog work, One pup has already been signed up to start training with 'Huw' a wonderful gundog trainer in Wales where we spent a weekend several years ago. Lucky Huw will have another barbet to make into a steady gundog. The other pup will be trained as a gundog and be working on a family shoot.So 2 more barbets being trained is something to celebrate.
The video showing barbets training and working on land and water  that was requested this year by the organisers of the Sporting pavillion at the CLA Game Fair has been sent off ......a big thank you to Lorraine and David for that.
Finally the Kennel Club have been in contact over our recognition of the Barbet in the UK, the committee have  requested clarification over a few points in our submitted application. It maybe I have misunderstood a question  and ticked the wrong box, easily done at times! but I am seeking more information from France, where better than the home of the Barbet. On a positive note, more communication with our Kennel Club means I can now let them know about the 2 new litters born in the UK, our numbers have increased by 19 dogs since my application went in December. I will also be able to send them the video of the barbets working that will be seen at the Game Fair.
Strangely enough, the letter from the  KC also mentioned whether a breed club was being established, * cough cough cough* page 41 of the application........ I take that as a good sign that they never got beyond page 40.

Hope and Halfpint Barbet puppies

They do wake up sometimes, but this sleep was deep as both had their first bath in my washing up bowl. They both paddled round the bowl and either they enjoyed the experience or they were both in shock but they took the bathing in their stride.
Hope is now showing that she wants to play, her little tail wags on sight of Bepop or one of us. She uses her bottle like a punchbag, showing her frustration that the milk doesn't flow fast enough for her hungar, so weaning for her is easy. This morning she came out for a walkabout and met Bobby face to face, he was very gentle but was looking over his shoulder for Bepop or Betsy, so I got the feeling he felt he was too close to such a young pup. As for Halfpint, he is a few days behind Hope, he loves his bottle and loves a cuddle while feeding,with a full tummy he wants nothing more than the crook of your arm and sleep so he is not as eager to explore yet . I am not getting attached, BUT both these pups stare at your face when you feed them, they fix you with a look that can't help but make your heart skip a beat. Monday will be  the next stage for these beautiful pups, they are going home and they will be over the coming days/weeks be reunited with their large family.   

Friday 27 April 2012

Barbet Puppies having quality time

Annettes pups were 5 weeks old yesterday, and they are enjoying their freedom and learning the calming ways of the Spinones.

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Monday 23 April 2012

Barbet puppies available

If you are thinking of getting a Barbet puppy then start doing your research.

This list made me smile.....

Kennel Club

As you may know our application for recognition of the Barbet in the UK is at the Kennel Club. Well, they had a meeting on Tuesday 17th April and as they have our application we may have been on the agenda. our last application took 8 months to get on the agenda.
This time we will keep everything crossed.

Ebene and Oolis pups 4 weeks old

What a wonderful litter these 5 are, Ebene has done a grand job of rearing them. I can't wait for my puppy visit again.I have delayed a visit because of having the two foster pups.  

Sunday 22 April 2012

Barbet puppies

How sweet is he? We had been calling him 'Roo' after Kanga and little Roo, but he is starting to behave more like a 'Rudi'. One day in the future I hope I will be in the situation that I can write his name given by his owners, it will be wonderful to see this boy as an adult. He has real charactor, he enjoys a cuddle after feeding whereas the little girl goes straight to sleep. Hand rearing these pups makes you realise how strong the instinct is to survive. I am trying to make sure that everything is as clean as possible, the bottles are sterilised and hands are washed continually. On a visit to the vet, both pups enjoyed sucking the vets tunic and of course they have been introduced to new germs just by moving house and living with 4 different dogs who are out in the forest walking.  

Grandma Bepop

If you look closely the pup is by Bepops front leg.Yesterday Bepop learnt the art of jumping silently into the puppy run, its only a small square run. Luckily she didn't land on the pups who were hidden under a fleece. I did worry that she would not be able to get out, as she may panic if the pups tried to feed from her. however she jumps easily and a click of my fingers and the word 'out' she sailed over with ease. Its a relief to me that Bepop is taking such an interest in the pups as it means they are having important 'dog time'.  

Friday 20 April 2012

Barbet puppies

The two pups are doing very well, and both gaining weight nicely.
I speak to Julie everyday to keep her updated on their progress, and the latest news from Julie is that all the pups are doing very well and Bonnie has had her operation and is at home recovering.
The photo is of the little boy, he is still small but is developing normally and is now moving rather quickly from A to B.
At 15 days old I have moved them into a puppy pen with a bed, as they had learnt about climbing out of the bed I had for them and as our house is quite cold and draughty I was worried they would chill too easily.
What an experience we are sharing as a family, my kitchen has been turned into a nursery and I am having to be quite organised as the pups need feeding at regular times. Bepop has been a star, she is cleaning them for me, so they are getting a good balance of human handling and maternal care by their Grandma, who is  quite a lot rougher than you would expect. Betsy wants to be with them at all times, but she has a desire to carry them which is what she did with her own pups, and as I don't know where she plans to take them I am being careful about too much contact. On a positive note, neither dog has claimed ownership and I do keep telling them that the pups are mine, so its a very chilled house.

Monday 16 April 2012

Grandma Betsy

Just in case I miss a squeak, Betsy is the best babysitter

Barbet puppies

As you can see the dogs are very interested in the new cage in the kitchen, the boys took one look and retreated and the girls or should I say Grandmas are behaving like every good Grandma should behave.
I will try and get some more photos for you, at the moment I am just very proud of my own dogs and how caring and kind they have been with the two litlle pups from Bonnie that needed a helping human hand.

Difficult times for a new Mummy Barbet

Some news about the litter of 14 pups that arrived 12 days ago.

Saturday 14 April 2012

Ebene and Ooli pups already 3 weeks old

Doesn't time fly?
The pups are three weeks old and according to Annette the breeder, they are very active and very playful already. I will soon be meeting them again for puppy playtime, I can't wait as last time I saw them they didn't have their eyes open.
A beautiful litter for the UK,

Tuesday 10 April 2012

A wonderful trio

 A rose between two thorns, but lets not tell my beautiful boys!
Jazz just loves poodle visitors, so this made his day and Bobby just loves anything canine (or human!)
The girls were dozing on the chairs in a patch of sunlight.

New dog bed

The dog bed bought at Crufts was for Bobby, as we have never really bought him anything other than an id disc for a collar.
Bepop had the lazy approach.
First attempt for Jazz
He might be approaching 12 years old, but his bones must still be flexible
Betsy had the same plan as Bepop, purely a hind end warmer and Bobby uses it as a shoe storage.

Sunday 8 April 2012

Bonnie and Eton pups

This photo was taken today, can you imagine the chaos when these 14 take their first steps!

Barbet Grandmas

The girls are far too chilled about their new titles.

Ebene and Ooli pups

The pups are 2 weeks old, moving around far too fast already and now they can see where they are going.

Puppy News

On the 4th April, a very clever Bonnie (Novaforesta Dora) gave birth to 14 pups.
8 girls and 6 boys, all black with a few marked with white which must be a relief for Julie, Bonnies owner as that will help identifying the 'gang'.
All pups and Mum are doing fine.
I believe this is a record number for barbets in a litter, so its good to have another 1st in the UK.
Must not forget Eton as he of course is the sire and it takes two to tango.
In the space of two weeks, barbet numbers are now over 40 in the Uk and one of my aims for the breed successfully accomplished  as Bonnie is a pup from Bepop and Eton, a pup from Betsy.

Monday 2 April 2012

Bonnie (novaforesta Dora) ready to burst!

A lovely picture of Bonnie looking rather full of puppies.
We have only a few days left to wait. As soon as I hear, I will let you know the good news.
Betsy and Bepop are playing it cool over becoming Grandmas.
Should we take bets on how many pups are waiting to be born, as Bonnie was one of a litter of 13, It could be a large one.
I am keeping everything crossed it all goes well.
I know nothing, but I reckon at least 11 pups, 6 males and  5 females and colourwise 2 browns, 5 solid blacks, 4 black with white bits. How wrong will I be?......probably 100% as no one knows till they come out but I am having fun guessing.