Sunday 8 April 2012

Puppy News

On the 4th April, a very clever Bonnie (Novaforesta Dora) gave birth to 14 pups.
8 girls and 6 boys, all black with a few marked with white which must be a relief for Julie, Bonnies owner as that will help identifying the 'gang'.
All pups and Mum are doing fine.
I believe this is a record number for barbets in a litter, so its good to have another 1st in the UK.
Must not forget Eton as he of course is the sire and it takes two to tango.
In the space of two weeks, barbet numbers are now over 40 in the Uk and one of my aims for the breed successfully accomplished  as Bonnie is a pup from Bepop and Eton, a pup from Betsy.