Monday 24 June 2013

More puppy updates

Bobby with a toy at his new home
Hugo with his comfort blanket in his new bed in Wales

Friday 21 June 2013

Novaforesta Imperial Aka Hugo

I am enjoying my last day with my mini Bepop, he is so good and then so naughty and why do puppies just eat everything that they shouldn't!

A French Game Fair

I could be wrong but I have just read that a British Barbet may be spotted at this Game Fair in France this weekend.

A French Game Fair

So if you are in France and nearby then it would be a fun place to visit and look out for a Barbet on your travels.

Novaforesta Delyssa now Nenu

Thursday 20 June 2013

Novaforesta Imperial

Soon to be called Hugo, and soon to be travelling to sunny Wales. He was described as one of the quieter pups but that has changed since he has been on his own with Bepop and Martha. He has managed to exhaust them both in the nicest possible way, he is just so playful with them and he has one little bark that sends them both into lala land, I wish I could understand puppy language as whatever he is saying it sends Bepop and Martha into a frenzy and they have to tear round the garden at such speed, he on the otherhand just lies in the doorway watching the chaos. I will miss him alot, he is a cheeky boy and the good news is that he is dry at night and we are finally not waking at the crack of dawn.

What wonderful Barbet puppies

Peace at last, Rugby and Eton

Harpo in Holland 

Obi -the fishermans friend
Three updates from Rugby, Harpo and Obi.......

Monday 17 June 2013

Barbet Obi

I am proud of him as he didn't capsize the Kayak.........what  fun times ahead for Obi

Barbet dogs

Barbets just love to rest their heavy heads, be it on your lap, your shoe or even on the bottom stair. As you can see Obi has started already.

Novaforesta Intrepid

Jedi and Deejee meeting Harpo
Yesterday we drove to France with Harpo (Novaforesta Intrepid), he travelled easily and slept well for the journey and took nearly everything in his stride. A nice surprise was waiting for Harpo as Jedi and his family had travelled quite a journey themselves to meet him and his new owners. He was initially a little shy of his Father when he met him and Deejee for the first time, but he did get braver.When he met his new family, he gave them a quick kiss and there is nothing like a puppy kiss to break the ice.I have heard since that he arrived safely in Holland and I await the news of his first night away from my home.      

Saturday 15 June 2013

Betsy Bonheur

Our Beautiful Betsy 
     2006- 2013

Hip score results-Hooray

I am very pleased to say that Charamese Hermione Aka Hallie has a hipscore of 9 which puts her up with the best for European grading with an 'A', she also has an Elbow score of 0/0 which is fantastic. Her brother Charamese Hector has a hipscore of 7, so he is an 'A' also.  

Novaforesta Invincible Aka Ralph

Ralph is looking rather happy with his new toy, how lovely his very own toy. His 2 brothers that are still with me are looking rather thoughful about their disappearing brothers and sister. Lovely photos from all the new owners and all the pups are settling in well.

Friday 14 June 2013

Eton and Rugby

Eton is in heaven as he has a new playmate, and the good news is that Rugby has been dry at nights......we have turned a corner here aswell, they are pretty clean most of the time. House training is easy with a Barbet, although I have to say Martha has tested that theory sooooooo many times!!!

A fishermans friend- A Barbet puppy

Obi surveying his new life, fun times ahead.....

Novaforesta Irresistible

My beautiful little girl, now called 'Agnes' has settled well and has some new friends. I missed my wild child today, and I actually think her brothers noticed that she was missing.

Novaforesta Imperial

I know I shouldn't give a puppy a pet name, but at 8 weeks old I don't like him not having a name, so when my friends came round they said he looked a 'Colin' so that will be his name until he finds his home

Novaforesta Imperial

Why the fascination about a tray, they all love to lie on it and they all like to piddle on it, Some have even surfed across the floor on it, trays are not on my puppy socialisation list so cannot tick that box!

Wednesday 12 June 2013

Novaforesta Imperial at 8 weeks

My lovely solid black boy, my mini Bepop. Not yet found his forever home, but that just means I get an extended cuddle time and I will need one puppy to drain Bepop finally of milk.

Novaforesta Intrepid at nearly 8 weeks

Yellow collar, then purple collar, then Novaforesta Intrepid, now I am calling him Harpo which really suits him. He has such a lovely endearing face and is very easily led by the little girl when she goes off exploring, he rarely gets the blame for anything but that might be because he is bright and leaves the scene of destruction. When I gave the pups chicken necks to eat, they all settled down very happy but it lasted seconds as this little boy ate his whole and decided that he could manage 6 others without a problem! I had the same thing with chicken wings and Obi, one gulp and gone and then the potential to grab all the others!
Harpos' new adventures will start on Sunday (actually tonight as I haven't told him about the 2 needles at the vets!)

Novaforesta Invincible at 8 weeks

Green collar, then white collar, then Novaforesta Invincible, now I am calling him Ralph. He will be joining his new family on Saturday, dear Ralph he is a big strong lad who runs like a bat out of hell and then you find him asleep. My house will feel so empty soon, although I think my neighbours will be getting a bottle of wine each as I don't think it has been the dawn chorus of birds singing that they have been waking up to.

Novaforesta Irrestible at 8 weeks

My little sweetie, or little Miss naughty!. She is just adorable but when you feel teeth on the back of your legs, it is always her !, when a puppy escapes, it is always her, and she can push her Mother to extremes, but of course Bepop always wins and out of all the puppies this little girl is always next to Mum. She also adores my other dogs, and when she sees them her little tail doesn't stop. I thought I had put a pheasant wing out of reach, but she appeared with it. This little girl will not be destined for a show ring, she should be out working as she has the determination at such a young age.

Goodbye Novaforesta Illustrious

Once known as blue collar, then Novaforesta Illustrious, now know as Bobby. After all the puppy visits, watching the webcam, seeing the photos, sometimes it can be a little unreal to walk away with the puppy, but what happy faces!, finally they have Bobby in their arms to hopefully  grow into the dog that they have been waiting for.

Goodbye to Novaforesta Iron Duke

Once known as red collar, then Novaforesta Iron Duke, now called Obi. He has joined a lovely family a long way from us, but I know I will get lots of updates and photos.

Good bye Novaforesta Investigator

Now known as Rugby, and will be sharing his new life with another Barbet boy that we all know and love called Eton.

Barbet Bepop an outstanding Mother

Today the pups are 8 weeks old and what a journey we have been on, Bepop has been the most wonderful dog with her babies. She was so protective of them initially, not with us of course but with the other dogs who were not even allowed to look through the window! The last couple of weeks she has been trying to wean them, she is very much in charge though and although she sounds fierce and you feel she is trapped in the room with her puppies, she will not leave them if I call her, so it is still her choice to be with them. When the puppies have got the message, she then will play and reward them for their good behaviour, then they snooze together. She will however still give them a drink but only if she wants to, the puppies now do not demand her to feed. The 4 pups left are doing very well and are definately getting a bonus meal as Bepop is now bringing back her evening meal, it doesn't seem to matter whether I feed her out of sight, an hour earlier, even a different diet!. I even tried a frozen block of meat, but we had an hour of her yelling at the pups and I was starting to worry about freezer was a hot day and the pups enjoyed frozen tripe with no ill effects!.The pups have now learnt in a big way to jump and lick her mouth anticipating that they will get another meal, it is natural behaviour and I have tried to avoid it but I will not refuse the contact that Bepop has with her pups, so my hands are tied. The downside is that Bepop hassles us all night as she is absolutely starving, she still eats a big dinner in the morning though and never lets the pups have that one!

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Novaforesta Invincible at 7 weeks

His new name is Ralph, and he is normally the most lively of all the boys, but I haven't told his new family that yet!, he also gets himself stuck more than the other pups, so when I hear yelling it is normally the little girl for attention or Ralph as he is stuck somewhere!

Novaforesta Investigator at 7 weeks

Investigator does have a new home, but he doesn't yet have a name yet. He has a soft coat and I call him my squidgy pup as he is just one of those sort of boys.He has already developed a 'Barbet plea' with his eyes, and already has that Barbet wag of the tail that seems to mean that his back end overtakes his front when he is happy.

Novaforesta Imperial at 7 weeks

He is still my smallest boy, although I have watched him at feeding time and being small he just gets under the others and ends up in the middle so he is definately getting his fair share of food. He is a stunning puppy and is still available as like my little girl, plans have changed for him too. He is like a small version of his Mum, but has a very playful charactor. He is always the first to go to sleep, and often the last to wake up

Nvaforesta Iron Duke at 7 weeks

Iron Duke soon to be known as Obi, this boy will need to learn to swim in his new life!. Lovely chap who still loves a photo opportunity, and has learnt to sit like a star, probably because he is Mr Greedy. So a gold star for the quickest learner.

Novaforesta Illustrious at 7 weeks

Illustrious has a new name, he is called Bobby. He is quite a relaxed boy, loves his bones and still likes the excuse of sleeping on your lap.Mind you if you had been watching the webcam this evening it would be hard to call any of the puppies relaxed as they were certainly letting off steam.

Novaforesta Intrepid at 7 weeks old

Intrepid is to be called Harpo, he has found his new owners although he will face some mileage before he arrives at his new forever home. He is full of fun, and has an obsession with shoe laces. So the puppy attached to my foot on the webcam is normally him!

Novaforesta Irresistible at 7 weeks

She really is irresistible, she is such a sweetie but is the most agile and is the quickest mover, but maybe that is because she only has brothers.She has learnt to scale the whelping box in a matter of seconds, so she would probably make a fantastic agility dog.Plans have changed for this little girl and so she is still available for a forever home.

Sunday 2 June 2013

Bepop the Barbet

For Bepop, her Motherly duties are nearly over as she feeds them only a few times a day which is more for comfort than their needs.

Novaforesta Intrepid

What can I say other than, what a beauty