Monday 18 May 2015

Novaforesta Laural Oak

My new puppy owners are putting me to shame as they are all attending training classes and I haven't been able to with Lady Fern yet as the classes are full. Archie in the photo above is doing very well, a very handsome boy at 12 weeks

Novaforesta Lenten Rose

This is Lottie at 12 weeks old who won 1st prize at a recent local dog show held at a May day event. She is also being a very good girl at training, although that look in the photos tells me she has her naughty moments

Barbet training day

Training day organised for 23rd May 2015

Barbet Club GB

Wednesday 13 May 2015

Martha and Novaforesta Lady Fern

A few updates for you all, Lady Fern is a staggering 9.9kg at 12 weeks so if she carries on in this manner she will be bigger than her Mum in a few weeks time :) I have to admit it is lovely to have finally kept a puppy and to witness the joys of watching Martha play non stop with her daughter.