Friday 27 March 2015

Busy puppy times

The pups are doing really well, they are loving the variety at meal times and are harassing poor Martha when she has bones. They are a brave litter that are all fascinated by Pi and her antics, we are going to try and get some footage of Pi with the pups as it really is amusing to watch, and she is very gentle but in a Pi sort of way. They are frustrated being behind a gate in the kitchen as they would rather be under your feet hanging off your slippers or trousers. The weather has been kind so the doors are open first thing to let the hooligans out, so as yet darkness, rain, wind and today a helicopter hasn't worried them. They may get to meet a cat on Sunday which could be interesting.

Novaforesta puppies at 6 weeks old part 2

Noivaforesta puppies at 6 weeks old

Saturday 21 March 2015

Novaforesta puppies, Martha and Ooli at 5 weeks

This little girl loves Pi and is very much one of the crowd, at the moment she doesn't ever seem in the thick of any mischief but does like mud!

He is such a boy in looks, but he is quiet and very gentle and loves a cuddle. At the moment the girls are taking advantage of him as he is avoiding most of the wrestling games. 

This little girl is quiet but one of the first to explore, and just loves being outside. She loves also to play with Lydia Broom 

She is still a poser for the camera, and can normally be found sitting waiting for the gate to open to find new adventures, but then decides last minute that the kitchen is fun enough . 

She loves to carry all the toys, the best find a pair of socks which were taken and hidden from the others. She is very tail waggy and a very happy puppy

She is a cheeky girl, and the slowest eater in the litter but she is a confident girl and loves being outside. She was the only pup that disppeared with Martha late last night  to the end of the garden, so not sure whether that makes her brave or mad, however she did fall asleep first so it wore her out!  
I apologise for the photos being a day late, but last night I had them all out in the garden at night and had no PC time. The pups are on 3 meals a day, resonding well to the whistle and just busy exploring.

Friday 13 March 2015

Novaforesta Lady Fern at 4 weeks

She is little Miss sleepy, always last to wake but this morning she met the delivery man as she was in my arms when the doorbell went, these pups will get used to dogs barking!

Novaforesta Laurel Oak at 4 weeks old

He is a little treasure, he has a very direct stare and loves a cuddle, a gentle boy who will probably be picked on by his sisters.We have been lucky with the weather, the pups all went out yesterday for a little while and they enjoyed exploring together

Novaforesta Lenten Rose at 4 weeks old

Please note, spelt correctly this week ( thank you Daisy, daughter of Betsy for that ). My other quiet girl, She loves the  baby toys though that are scattered round the room, although her favorite is kitchen roll soaked in wee......

Novaforesta Lily of the valley at 4 weeks

This little girl, is still the fattest girl and is full of fun, she is still the girl that poses for the camera and has already worked out how to get attention, I am trying artificial grass outside with a little patch also in the kitchen but am already regreting buying cheap as although the pups are loving it, I keep finding bits all over the place so it is falling apart. This week I will try and find some better quality!  

Novaforesta Livingstone Daisy at 4 weeks

At the moment she is the extrovert of the litter, on par with Lily of the Valley!. Both these girls are very alert and the first at your feet. Although the webcam doesn't show the rest of the room, we eat our meals a few feet away so we are able to watch the pups, however they are getting teeth so slippers are now a must!, plus my floor doesn't show the little puddles that are now appearing.

Novaforesta Lydia Broom at 4 weeks

She is a gentle girl still which I think you can see in the photos, but she has had a busy week as all the puppies have now enjoyed the taste of meat, from tomorrow they will get two helpings a day and probably the start of goats milk. The webcam will go also this weekend as the pups are now more free range.

Friday 6 March 2015

Novaforesta Lydia Broom at 3 weeks

This is the other well behaved girl, She is very cuddly and not a wriggler like some of the others. 3 weeks is a super age, the pups play but it is like older dogs playing in slow motion and within seconds the pups fall over.

Novaforesta Livingstone Daisy at 3 weeks

As you may realise I have a new camera !  I think this girl may be a bit of a poser, but we will see as by next week they will seriously be on the move. If you are watching the webcam, she is the main girl that sleeps resting on the black and white puppies, often the girl (Lilyof the valley) as she has quite alot of cushioning!