Wednesday 19 March 2014

Happy 8th Birthday sweet Bepop

My lovely Bepop is 8 years old today, hard to believe she is already a great Grandma.
She has had a day with lots of cuddles, and salmon with her dinner......what more could she ask for .

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Barbet Puppy plans

Cooper du Pre de Redy
Charamese Hermione ( Hallie)

 This will be my next Novaforesta litter later this year.

Cooper is a beautiful brown boy from Germany who is about 58 in height, so a perfect size for a male and has A hips and a 0/0 elbow score. He has passed his character tests in Switzerland.

Hallie as I am sure you know is  not only beautiful in looks and character, but has A hips and a 0/0 elbow score and her height is about 56 (hard to measure as she has so much coat at the moment) and she weighs about 20kg

A  lovely combination to take the Barbet forward in the UK with some new blood.

Cooper and Hallie proposed pedigree

   My puppy waiting list has resumed its pace :)

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Douai Dog Show 2014

Yes, we were there and a mighty fine weekend was had by all.

There will be a write up on the GB site, and I will post the results of the show. The good news is that there were 5 Barbets from the UK, and 3 Barbets from Holland
Anouk , Claude, Distel,Hector,Sade, Bisous,Martha and Hallie.

Novaforesta Eton was very well represented as Anouk, Distel, Hector and Hallie have him as their Father, and of course Martha is the daughter of Etons' sister Novaforesta Effie. It was a lovely sight to see so many offspring together and to see what beautiful dogs they all were.  

Barbets-Do they point?

Sometimes you have a camera ready, sometimes you don't but yes Hallie does point. The other day she pointed almost as well as any pointer but I was hanging out the washing!, and I do believe she was on point as she heard rats in the woodpile......however I was impressed, as it was most definately the best point from a Barbet I have seen.

Happy 6th Birthday to the puppies from Barbets Betsy and Boree

So hard to believe that my very first litter of Barbets were born 6 years ago, to the beautiful Barbets Betsy and Boree, since then Boree has gone on to father a few more litters and done a grand job of producing some healthy dogs for the genepool so as I thought a good choice in 2008 and I was not alone as others have thought the same .
The only 2 Barbets missing at the 1 year old celebration was would you believe but Betsy as she was in season! and Odo, otherwise it would have been the perfect family shot, but hey to capture 6 out of 7 is still an achievement. 
6 years old...almost grown up!
This was the First registered  Barbet litter born in the UK, a slice of history.

Betsy and Boree January 2008.

Remy, Dolly,Nenu, Baxter, Dylan and Bepop 1st Birthday picnic

Dolly,Remy,Bepop,Baxter,Bentley,Nenu and Dylan 1st Birthday picnic

Bobby the Barbet at 11 months

Another lively boy from Bepop and Jedi at 11 months old, this was blue collar boy now known as Bobby.
Be lovely one day to see this boy in the show ring in France, but perhaps a different show to Rugby as 2 excitable boys could be a handful. Actually by the time they have their 1st Birthday they will be calm :)

Obi at 11 months

Obi, otherwise known as red collar for several weeks is another boy from Bepop and Jedi. He has turned into a gentle chap probably because he lives with young children. His beard is like his Mum, who is coming up to 8 years old and has never had her beard trimmed.

Rugby the Barbet

If you look carefully you will see a hand holding Rugby, he is a rather lively boy and my camera just doesn't have a good shutter speed!. So a good photo of his nose to start, taking him to get confirmed could be quite a weekend as one can imagine how fast he will go round a ring.....He is a lovely charactor which is what is important.

Ralph the Barbet puppy at 11 months

Lovely photo of Ralph at 11 months old.
 Bepop and Jedi certainly produced some boys who like to pose. Nice place to walk a Barbet, it has everything. How lucky am I to have found such wonderful owners.