Thursday 23 April 2015

Barbet puppies available now

Tokay & Tutek
There are 2 male puppies with pet passports so ready to travel, available in Poland.
If you are interested then please contact Piotr

If you need help then contact me, but Piotr does understand  English

Update : Puppies are now sold

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Caya, a Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather

This lovely boy is called Caya, and is in the background of many Barbets around the world now.

This is how it all started, and actually we have a few more litters to add :) as Novaforesta Duplo has sired a beautiful litter in Holland with Distel ( Novaforesta Eton xLaulava Toutes T'adorent), and of course Martha and Ooli, and not forgetting that 2 more of Oolis' children have reproduced one as far as America.

Caya and Bepop

Lady Fern at 9 weeks

Apologies as I know I missed out the 8 week photo of Lady Fern but I was exhausted after a slight hiccup with paperwork for one of the pups who was to be going abroad. Well she did make it, but it was a very stressful day!. My husband has taken it quite well that I couldn't find the right home for Lady Fern! otherwise known as 'Florrie' but she does still have a name change most days.

Saturday 11 April 2015

Novaforesta Livingstone Daisy at 8 weeks

Livingstone Daisy soon to be known as Livvy, this little girl is the firm favorite of my future son in law, luckily I have a large enough family that they all pick a puppy that just gets that extra cuddle when they come round and it really shows how the pups start to respond to a voice they know and like. A litter of pups is a very special time, and I get to keep Livvy for another 24 hours :)

Novaforesta Lily of the Valley at 8 weeks

Lily of the Valley soon to be known as Pepsi. She was by far the worse for biting the back of your leg but luckily this last week we have nipped it in the bud, we have a low growl that must be perfection as she has responded well. This little sweetie will be having quite an exciting day on Sunday when she leaves our nest.

Friday 10 April 2015

Novaforesta Laurel Oak at 8 weeks

The only boy in the litter so no surprise he is a firm favorite with my daughter. This boy has so many different 'looks'  so I thought I would share just one of them. Typical boy, he was the biggest yeller at the vets today, bless him

Novaforesta Lenten Rose at 8 weeks

Lovely Lottie, another girl we will be saying farewell to tomorrow and pleased to say very well behaved at the vets for her very through check up, thumbs up to cedar vets in Ringwood today.
I am sure you can understand after 8 weeks with this hairy gang I will miss them so much as they have been a very happy go lucky litter.

Novaforesta Lydia Broom at 8 weeks old

The very cheeky girl now called Tove, she was a little fed up in the top photo as has had her first injection and microchip at the vets today. She was very well behaved throughout, but the visit did exhaust her. I will miss this little girl, she was the puppy that loved to roll with Pi,

Friday 3 April 2015

Novaforesta Livingstone Daisy at 7 weeks

Livingstone Daisy soon to be known as Livvy and is the smallest girl at the moment, but she wins first prize for making more effort than the others to wee on the paper/puppy pad. She is a bit of a clown, and now nearly trips me up as she has learnt to sit for a treat although this does mean taking photos of her is easy

Novaforesta Lenten Rose at 7 weeks old

Lenten  Rose soon to be called Lottie, she always wants what she can't quite reach!, she is fun and has been very responsive about not biting hands, she is however quite a digger in the garden but allowing the pups on the mud does mean that they are less likely to eat stones and earth when they go to their new homes, well I hope it does :).

Novaforesta Lady Fern at 7 weeks

Lady Fern is one of the larger girls, she has her moments of madness like the others and really is just one of the gang. She normally sleeps with Lily by the gate waiting for the rugby scrum moment when I unlatch it.All the puppies now just want to be with us, if we are quiet then they sleep, if we talk or move they are awake and yelling. This litter have always seemed a week ahead, so they will be more than ready to join their new families next week and to start exploring the big wide world.  ,

Novaforesta Laurel Oak at 7 weeks

Laurel Oak soon to be called Archie is very sweet, today he had an  adventure as he met my daughters cat., he was very brave until she hissed! He has very good concentration for a puppy as he will sit for ages waiting for a treat, the other pups get bored but never Archie.He is such a boy, maybe because he is the only male in the litter but he makes us laugh.

Novaforesta Lily of the Valley at 7 weeks

Lily and Lenten Rose

She is always watching for some action
Novaforesta Lily of the Valley, her favorite game is biting the tail of Pi who has just started politely telling her off. The pups have teeth like needles and when they attack from behind and get your legs it hurts. Lily is very attached to her brother, and they can often be found together curled up, she is probably the fastest runner in the litter, or perhaps just the leading puppy when they break out into the garden :)

Novaforesta Lydia Broom at 7 weeks old

Lydia Broom soon to be called Tove, she is a lively little madam that has struck up a real friendship with Pi. During the evening it is the job of Pi to wear out the puppies before bed, and she does the job well. Tove and Pi play rolling games across the floor and you never hear a squeak from Tove even though it looks rather rough. She is still very like Lenten Rose, but Tove has her coat growing in two lines down her back so I can tell but with photos it is almost impossible, these two girls are like twins