Wednesday 29 June 2011

Caya the father of 12 goes mad!

No wonder his pups are so active!

World dog show Paris 2011

54 barbets in Paris.
How exciting is that?
Two Novaforesta barbets are attending, Novaforesta Denzil and Novaforesta Dora, I wish them both well.
Just need to sort out our hotel, by hook or by crook we will be watching at the ringside.
Betsy and Bepop will be proud of their children.

Sunday 19 June 2011

Friday 17 June 2011

French Dogs

In France the Barbet has a points system called: Grille de Cotation, as seen below:

Confirmation of Barbets in France is from 12 months in age, it does differ with different breeds.

In the UK so far, Betsy Bonheur,Novaforesta Dudley, Novaforesta Dora,Novaforesta Duplo,Novaforesta Eton have been confirmed in France.

10 Novaforesta pups have the Tan.
6 Novaforesta pups have A hips , 1 has B hips.
8 Novaforesta pups have clear eye certificates.
4 Novaforesta pups have been shown in France and were graded Exc.
1 Novaforesta pup shown in Holland,graded Exc
Only 22 pups reside in the UK,one pup resides in Holland and is included in the above results.

Novaforesta Dudley,Novaforesta Eton and Novaforesta Dora already have three points on the table.

Betsy has the Tan, B hips and has received Exc at two shows.
Bepop has the Tan, A hips and has received Exc at two shows

Grille de Cotation :

1 point /6 
2 points /6 
Sujet confirmé
plus 1 Exc dans une exposition
plus TAN Eau

Barbet :
  plus TAN Eau
  ou BCE 3ème cat.
3 points /6 
Sujet confirmé
plus 1 Exc en CI ou CO en spéciale , RE , NE ou championnat
plus TAN Eau
plus dysplasie de la hanche A , B ou C

Barbet :
  plus TAN Eau
  ou BCE 3ème cat.
4 points /6 
Sujet confirmé
plus 2 Exc en CI ou CO en spéciale , RE , NE ou championnat sous 2 juges différents dont 1 en NE
plus TAN Eau
plus dysplasie de la hanche A ou B

Barbet :
  pas de TAN Eau
  MAIS BCE 1ère ou 2ème cat.
5 points /6 
Sujet confirmé ayant produit en 1ère génération :
  Mâle : 3 descendants cotés 3 points ou plus avec 2 lices .
  Femelle : 3 descendants cotés 3 points ou plus avec 2 étalons.
6 points
Sujet  RECOMMANDE ayant produit en 1ère génération :
  Mâle : 3 descendants cotés 3 points ou plus avec 2 lices .
  Femelle : 3 descendants cotés 3 points ou plus avec 2 étalons.

Thursday 16 June 2011

French dog show Douai 2011

Novaforesta Duplo
Another country boy and another first timer in the show ring. Duplo was handled brilliantly by Charlotte, who is probably the most natural handler I have seen, she was fairly traumatised after the event, but lovely to watch in the ring, I so wish I had her nerves of steel. If Charlotte ever offers to handle your dog...say yes!
More later as work calls.....

French dog show Douai 2011

Novaforesta Eton
Eton is a bit of a country boy, so his first show under cover on carpet was probably a bit of a surprise.He is so full of fun, it almost seems sad to see him behave so well in the showring, he spends his spare time play bowing to other dogs regardless of sex. Having said that, Eton has his photo retrieving a bird in the July copy of Sporting Shooter along with his Mum.Betsy and his sister Esme. We have yet to translate his critique from the shows, but he had lots of Excellants, and of course he has now been confirmed.It was a fairly equal share of winners over the weekend, and with only the 3 barbets entered the competition side was non existant. This is the second year running that not a single French owner turned up at the show, at least two of the dogs entered were actually French,and hopefully the confirmations will help the stats in France. 

Monday 13 June 2011

A French Dog show experience. Part 1

Starting with CONFIRMATION.
Two English Barbets and a Canadian barbet were confirmed by M. Dupas (see below) on Saturday 11th June 2011 at the French Championship show in Douai.Well done to Eton, Duplo and Ebene.The confirmation process was very easy, they check the dogs over,measure them, check teeth, tail set, coat quality, and check the movement.The support from the organisers of the show is worth a mention, the show secretary certainly was aware that a small group had arrived from the UK, but without fault our questions were dealt with and no problems with language barriers, just lots of smiling, we had such a good weekend.   

Jean Jacques Dupas (France)

An experienced and respected FCI Judge Mr Dupas has been an owner and handler of Afghans, Berger des Pyrenees and Shih Tsu. He has exhibited his dogs in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal and many other countries of Europe.
He has held many positions of importance in the French canine world such as : Secretary of French Kennel Club in Paris; President of Club St Hubert du Nord (Kennel Club for the north of France); President of the Club du Caniche de France; Member of comite Club Français de l'Eurasier ; President of the Afghan and Saluki French Club; President of the Greyhound French Club; Secretary of the Berger des Pyrénées and Pyrenean Mountain Dog French Club.
He has judged in : France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Poland, Finland, Hungary, Sweden, Canada, Portugal, Slovakia, Lithuania, Monaco..

Tuesday 7 June 2011

A Barbet who is short and stocky

I have no idea who this barbet is, it looks like a male but then so does Betsy in a lot of photos because she is such a stocky barbet.
Whoever it is, its a good photo

An update as this is Axel Opus Un En O Majeur, a female barbet aged 5 or 6 when the photo was taken 

Betsy and Bobby

Why do my dogs insist that playing on the trampoline is safe?
I took this photo just before Betsy was cut short yesterday. Dogs love being liberated from hair, perhaps today she will be doing forward rolls on the trampoline.

Monday 6 June 2011

Betsy with short hair.

Finally at the age of 5 years, Betsy has had a short haircut.
She is 58/59 in height and weighs at the moment 29k, I have cut her to about an inch all over, including her head.
She is a very strong dog, extremely fit and rather heavy to be a lapdog or to be carried anywhere!