Thursday 16 June 2011

French dog show Douai 2011

Novaforesta Eton
Eton is a bit of a country boy, so his first show under cover on carpet was probably a bit of a surprise.He is so full of fun, it almost seems sad to see him behave so well in the showring, he spends his spare time play bowing to other dogs regardless of sex. Having said that, Eton has his photo retrieving a bird in the July copy of Sporting Shooter along with his Mum.Betsy and his sister Esme. We have yet to translate his critique from the shows, but he had lots of Excellants, and of course he has now been confirmed.It was a fairly equal share of winners over the weekend, and with only the 3 barbets entered the competition side was non existant. This is the second year running that not a single French owner turned up at the show, at least two of the dogs entered were actually French,and hopefully the confirmations will help the stats in France.