Wednesday 31 August 2011

Which dog is the cleverest?

A quick challenge to test my dogs.

I put spaghetti in their full water bowl to see what each dog would do:

The results

Jazz initially tried to pick out the spaghetti, then drank all the water so only the spaghetti was left.
Bobby looked at it for several minutes, then tipped up the bowl (small flood in kitchen!) he ate the stranded spaghetti.
Bepop made alot of mess but just stuck her nose in and ate it with gurgling noises.
Betsy looked at it, then at me and decided against the whole experiment and went back to snoozing.

I am not sure it shows intelligence, but it does show their characters.
Jazz typically would be quiet and not attract attention over food, so that the other dogs are not alerted.
Bepop and Bobby wouldn't give a damm about mess/noise/attracting attention
Betsy normally seeks guidence, if none is given she feigns sleep.

Hide and seek in our house is boring with Bepop,Betsy and Jazz as all scent far too easily. Bobby just gets very over excited, and it takes him ages to find you, although as Bobby is normally at your heels its hard to lose him to hide, but when I do....its a great game, and the hysteria when he finds you is so endearing that it makes dog ownership priceless

Monday 29 August 2011


Please cross post.

Puppies stolen from:

There is a poster to print, if we all tell our vets etc and all help find these pups.

Please note: will have his own bred  black/tan pups available, these are NOT stolen.  

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Beautiful Daria

One day I hope to see this rather beautiful girl, she lives in Finland with a wonderful family, she is the daughter of Bepop and Caya. Nice to see her doing agility.
Very fond memories of her owner and the delight of her 4 day visit when she picked up Daria, it was chaos here with 12 pups in the kitchen!
She will be 3 years in November, and her height is 55/56 so smaller than her Mum.
Success stories and puppies so makes me want more, luckily time flies and maybe 2012 will be my lucky year, my puppy has already been named 'Hattie', so there is hope as 2012 will be an 'H' year for pups.
I am keeping everything crossed for Ebene x Ooli, and Bonnie x Eton. 

Potatoes and barbet hair

A big thank you to all the barbets that contributed, nothing is ever wasted in my house, so all it takes is a little compost to cover the seed potato, then dog hair.
Result, clean, unblemished, no worms or slugs, just fab potatoes.

A modern barbet griffon

Known as the caniche griffon, these types of dogs are still very much alive today, historically street dogs, but the two photos are of dogs kept as pets.Acts of nature, rather than a designed breed such as the caniche/poodle crosses of today and in the past.

Sunday 14 August 2011

Results of the first dog show in Paris 1863- Barbets and Griffons

  24th CLASSE. — Barbets et Griffons  d'arrêt.

1st  SOUS-CLASSE. — Chiens barbets.
Barbet de grande race. — Grand Barbet russe, etc.

1st PRIX Médaille d'or de 100 fr. — M. Hubert, Caniche (Mouton).
2nd  PRIX Médaille d'argent de 75 fr. — M. Dei;zÊ (Rustique).
3rd PRIX Médaille d'argent de 50 fr. — M. JÉrÔme, Caniche (Mouton).

2nd SOUS-CLASSE. — Chien griffons.
Griffon français ou Bouffe. — Griffon autrichien, etc.

1er PRIX : Médaille d'or de 100 fr. — M. Gasnier, Chien d'arrêt griffon français (Minos).
2  PRIX : Médaille .l'argent de 75 fr. — M. Masson , Chien d'arret griffon (Broussaille).
3  PRIX : Médaille d'argent de 50 fr. — M. le baron Roger De Brinont, Chien français (Marius).
4  PRIX : Médaille d'argent. — M. Mii.leret D'omirecourt, Chienne griffonne d'arrêt (lamiche).
5  PRIX : Médaille de bronze. — M. BORDEAUX, Griffon d'arrêt (Sultan

Barbets and duck hunting 1863







2010 the barbet  still duck hunting

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Novaforesta Eton and bees

This will make you smile, he really is a sweetie.

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Bepop back to training.

I have borrowed a video camera for a few days, and so am determined to get some footage.
Bepop is not so keen, but this is the first time since April that we have done any reminder dummy retrieves. Bepop is primarily a pet dog.

Hopefully later after work, we will try and do more.

Saturday 6 August 2011

Decorating and dogs

The thought of no puppies means filling our spare summer with jobs around the house.Three dogs know to curl up somewhere else and keep out the way, Bobby just thinks its fun to be involved.So far, only Bobby has had white strips and a white ear, but there is time for more, as lots of wet paint.
Hunting for a new sofa, having taken ours to the tip to clear the puppy room, the dogs are missing them more than us!

Thursday 4 August 2011

Bobby my boy

Note to self: Must buy proper dog beds!

Mr Bentley

Mr Bentley on a visit yesterday.
A really lovely dog, fantastic to trim as he is so patient. He is now over three years old, and his naughtiest moments are being a little deaf on his recall in the forest, but as most of us accept, there is no such thing as perfect!