Wednesday 28 September 2011

Bepop and a Sunday training day

I mustn't be too hard on Bepop, but we had a training day on Sunday, the company was good, the weather was ok, my gundog was not in the mood!. I can explain why. An early start in the morning, wellys in the van, flask of coffee, and a solitary dog sets the scene for a shoot day in Bepops head, strengthed by the fact we started training by a ride in a trailer with the normal mix of labs and spaniels.Its getting better in Bepops mind, a line of beaters, and  gunfire. On a positive note, I did some brilliant blind retrieves, whilst Bepop hoovered the forest looking for birds. The trainers on the day, were fantastic and all offered advice, and the standard of the spaniels and retrievers, I was  impressed.After a hearty lunch, the sun came out and a stubble field saved the day. Whether it was the fact that she could hear me saying how good the other dogs were, she certainly watched the others doing beautiful retrieves, she had an open field and thankfully clear vision, no need to put her nose to the ground, she was marking the dummies....phew, after 5 hours Bepop was back as a gundog, and the day ended on a good note. I wish I had more time for Bepop and training, but you make the best of what you have.      

Monday 26 September 2011

Bepop and a training day

I will write more later but my allotment needs me. A picture paints 1000 words, so if you take note of the way the welly boots are pointing, then take note where the dog is lying and which direction she is looking in, that sums up 75% of the training day. I think Bepop is smiling in this photo, if she were a poodle then I would be seeing the V sign!!!

Tuesday 20 September 2011

Another working barbet Novaforesta Delyssa

Wonderful news, Novaforesta Delyssa aka Nenu a pup from Betsys' first litter is now going to be picking up on a shoot this season.
The barbet may be small in numbers, but that now means 3 barbets on regular shoots, possibly 4 if you count Hector in Yorkshire.

Monday 19 September 2011

Novaforesta Eton

A beautiful dog on a beautiful day.

Saturday 17 September 2011

Do barbets like camping?

This is Bepop enjoying the outdoor life, we took her on our European tour, nothing like touring with a family, a barbet and the old vw camper, we even managed the hills in the Black Forest, Germany.
It took weeks to get the sand out of our van, and Bepop has to be controlled on a beach as it sends her quite mad, a combination of the water being so vast, the heat, and then seaweed to roll in, she gets a manic look and she runs like a greyhound and shows other beach users zero respect.

Tuesday 6 September 2011

A compliment from Madame Fichter

A dog of  yesterday, today and tomorrow.
I liked the statement when I thought of it, and its always good when someone else borrows your idea or statement (well nearly always!)

We are used to our barbet history or bits of our written history cropping up on websites around the world, some people ask politely others just take, but thats something you get used to working with the internet..