Saturday 31 May 2014

Barbet puppies available

There are 2 puppies available with Annette, they are 8 weeks old so ready to join a new family. The male is brown and the girl is black with little white tips on her toes. They are lovely confident puppies, I can vouch for that as my little girl is rather fearless, but also knows how to tread carefully with the other dogs (although she did push the boundaries with Bobby!). If you are interested in either the boy or girl please send Annette an email on

New Barbet puppy

Look who has joined the Novaforesta gang, at the moment she is called Pi but that may still change as we do not make decisions very quickly. She is the daughter of Ebene and Ooli, so the Grandaughter of Bepop. She is 8 weeks today and has settled in very well, and all my dogs love her except Bobby who is having a little bit of a crisis. Enjoy the white bits as they will not last long once she has been in the forest.
House training is going very nicely as she is really clean indoors and with the warmer weather the back door can remain open, I am however waking with the dawn chorus for the first wee of the day, she is going to have to learn that I like tea before I get up in the mornings.  

Monday 5 May 2014

Martha my dear

She is just so sweet.

Amiens Dog Shows in France

Showing in France can mean alot of hanging around, Martha and Claude coped well and enjoyed being together which was lovely for Karen and I, actually what I should say is that their behaviour over the weekend was faultless and it is a tough weekend for dogs not used to being shown, they even coped with the 5 hour delay at the tunnel and bizarre events like eating their dinner off a park bench!  .

Barbet puppies

Now I am going to let you know a secret, but firstly I was lucky enough to go and get puppy cuddles on Saturday as this beautiful litter are now 4 weeks old. These are the children of Ebene and Ooli, a repeat mating and you will probably remember Claude from 2 years ago with whom I went to Amiens with.
 So my little secret is that one of the pups above is still available, but be quick.....and speak to Annette or visit her website

Best in Show - A Barbet

Just in case you missed this.....Lotus, the daughter of Ooli and Alba won Best in Show in Amiens.