Thursday 29 January 2015

Buddy at his new home.

Buddy looks very happy, these pups have all got such lovely looking beds. I need to upgrade my dog beds again something I love doing

Novaforesta pups are settling in their new homes

Little Nell, now living with Daisy the labradoodle and cats and she has settled very well

Cocoa  is living not too far away and  is Novaforesta Journey she is also settling in well with her new family

Thursday 22 January 2015

Novaforesta Janis Joplin aka Nell at 8 weeks

Little Nell has already braved the big exciting world, lovely photo to share with you all. She looks okay and she is settling well

Novaforesta Jessie J at 8 weeks

This little pickle is joining her new family on Friday, she will be still called Jessie. That little  face will not be peeping over the whelping box soon asking for attention. Such changes await, but they are prepared as much as possible for their next stage, although it doesn't make it easier to say farewell.

Novaforesta Joss Stone aka Truffle at 8 weeks

We have a little girl that likes the camera, and this little girl is staying with her Mum. However she will miss her brothers and sisters like all the others.

Novaforesta Jools Holland aka Buddy

This little chap will also be leaving his birthplace on Friday, I think that is Jessie J trying to get in the photo.. Buddy was my quiet boy, but not any more!  

Novaforesta Joe Jackson aka Monty at 8 weeks

This is Monty who will be living near the seaside so I hope he learns to swim at a young age. He will be joining his family on Friday, luckily the pups don't know about those last nights with Mum and their siblings, only us with mixed feelings.

Novaforesta Jack Black aka Banjo at 8 weeks old

The big boy Jack Black, soon to be known as Banjo. He doesn't miss many meals and does stand out amongst the others but being a big lad now doesn't mean he will be a big dog. He is however a gentle giant and still avoids the girls if they have any disputes.

Novaforesta James Brown aka Boris at 8 weeks

A very waggy tailed boy who will be leaving the nest and dear Hallie on Saturday.He was another puppy that left a present at the vets yesterday.

Novaforesta Journey at 8 weeks

This little girls journey will start on Sunday, She was one of the best behaved pups at the vet although she did manage to leave a little present :)

Novaforesta Joni Mitchell aka Axa at 8 weeks

Sweet little girl who embarked on a 12 hour journey to Sweden this morning at 5am, so she and her owners who traveled to collect her ( yes she is in a bag for the flight in the cabin) have got a long day whereas I will sit and worry. She will be called Axa, and she is a very calm placid little girl.

Novaforesta Joy Division aka Sweet Pea at 8 weeks

Sweet Pea will be going to her forever home on Sunday, she is ready and waiting. Journey is the brown girl who I think likes her photo being taken or perhaps she was expecting a treat. A little late with photos, but it has been a difficult week with vets visits and the farewells being planned

Wednesday 14 January 2015

Novaforesta James Brown at 7 weeks

Novaforesta James Brown soon to be called Boris, today he discovered a new room in the house so he stayed still for a couple of seconds but as I was standing behind him you have a rear end view :).
Biggest problem today was having 11 pups who never stop wagging their tails, they are a very happy litter so Hallie has done a grand job.

Novaforesta Journey at 7 weeks

Novaforesta Journey also caught in the act of eating gravel, and with the light failing I had to seize the opportunity of her standing still whilst having a wee, so apologies for that but it does show that she is not scared about weeing outside! or on gravel.

Novaforesta Joe Jackson at 7 weeks old

Novaforesta Joe Jackson soon to be called Monty, I caught him in the act of eating gravel! but pups have to learn about things like this and always good to check out stones whilst still with us as if you don't panic most pups will spit them out and lesson learnt.

Novaforesta Jack Black at 7 weeks

Novaforesta Jack Black learning about bikes today as he will be joining a family so needs to know about these sorts of things, he is a real chunky boy

Novaforesta Joss Stone at 7 weeks

Novaforesta Joss Stone now known as Moppet, she will be staying with her Mum Hallie so another little girl who will be making her debut in the showring in France one day we hope

Novaforesta Janis Joplin at 7 weeks

 Novaforesta Janis Joplin who will become Nell in a few days as the countdown has started, she will be having a lovely life with lots of travelling  and will be seen in France

Novaforesta Joni Mitchell at 7 weeks old

Novaforesta Joni Mitchell met her Grandma Bepop today, I think Bepop thought she was cute :)

Novaforesta Joy Division at 7 weeks

Novaforesta Joy Division also known to us as Sweep, A very busy little girl, always exploring.

Novaforesta Joan Jet at 7 weeks

Novaforesta Joan Jet aka Olive, I think she will be like her Mum Hallie in looks and character.This is a lucky girl as she will be joining a family who already have a Barbet :)

Novaforesta Jools Holland at 7 weeks

Jools Holland exploring the front garden, he was my quietest boy but not anymore. He will have a new name, but it has not quite been decided yet.