Wednesday 31 December 2014

Novaforesta Janis Joplin at 5 weeks

Janis Joplin a sweet, playful girl who loves to take herself off and have a cheeky little snooze when the bed is empty.

Novaforesta Joss Stone at 5 weeks

Joss Stone is always eager to catch somebody's eye and when she does she scampers over for a play and a cuddle.

Novaforesta Joy Division at 5 weeks

Joy division has really enjoyed a little play outside this week, she is eagerly awaiting the next time she can go outside!

Tuesday 30 December 2014

Novaforesta Journey at 5 weeks

Journey loved her mashed eggs, sorry the egg box is empty now!

Novaforesta Jools Holland at 5 weeks

Jools Holland a sweet gentle boy, watching and taking it all in!

Novaforesta Joni Mitchell at 5 weeks

Joni Mitchell enjoying five minutes of peace and quiet!

Novaforesta Joan Jet at 5 weeks

Joan Jet is enjoying more rough and tumble this week!

Novaforesta Jessie J at 5 weeks

Jessie is always intrested in new noises and loves a cuddle! 

Novaforesta James Brown at 5 weeks

James Brown taking a snooze, a lovely playful boy!

Novaforesta Jack Black at 5 weeks

Jack Black loves to pose for the camera!

Novaforesta Joe Jackson at 5 weeks

Joe has started to play and muck about with the ball.

Friday 26 December 2014

Novaforesta Joy division at 4 weeks old

A little bit late, but here she is at 4 weeks old.

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Novaforesta Joy Division at 4 weeks

Okay I failed as for some reason I don't have a decent photo of Novaforesta Joy Division (Sweep) so you will have to wait another day and just enjoy this photo of Hallie with her pups.

Novaforesta James Brown at 4 weeks old

Novaforesta James Brown (brown collar) and yes another pee photo, but I am thrilled with puppy pads :). James Brown is a cool dude, and totally unflappable at the moment.

Novaforesta Jools Holland at 4 weeks

Novaforesta Jools Holland, (red Collar) he is a very dark brown boy , and the most cautious still out of all the males, so a bit safer to hang out with the girls or go and explore when everyone else is fast asleep.

Novaforesta Joan Jet at 4 weeks old

Novaforesta Joan Jet, a sweet black girl with a little white spot on her chest. I have to say if it wasn't for Jessie J this is the quietest litter so far in my small world of breeding. I have a horrible feeling that they will turn into little monsters at some point, it is the lull before the storm.

Novaforesta Joe Jackson at 4 weeks

Novaforesta Joe Jackson (white chest) gets the award for the puppy that was just too full to be bothered to wake up, I tried everything other than cold water and a party popper! so I will try and get one in the next couple of days when he is more awake. He is a lovely boy but definitely a heavy sleeper

Novaforesta Janis Joplin at 4 weeks old

Novaforesta Janis Joplin, the little girl with the white chest who is continually turned upside down just to confirm its the little girl with the white chest (the downside of not using 11 collars!) Sorry to capture her peeing but these little things are important and the pups are definitely starting to use the puppy pads and with 11 pups in the middle of winter this sign of intelligence or cleanliness is vital.

Novaforesta Jessie J at 4 weeks old

Novaforesta Jessie J the first born girl, she should go and live in the shop 'Toys r us' as she is always the first to check anything new out, including our numerous visitors at the moment. She is a very sociable little minx.

Novaforesta Joni Mitchell at 4 weeks

Novaforesta Joni Mitchell (purple collar) but now sporting a brand new orange collar.....are you confused yet? She was one of the bravest (apart from Jack Black) outside on her own today as its a whole new world outside with the wind blowing and the cold under your feet.

Novaforesta Joss Stone at 4 weeks

Novaforesta Joss Stone (pink collar) this is the puppy that eats sitting down, probably so that when she falls asleep in her bowl she doesn't fall so far. She is very like Journey in character although all the puppies are quiet compared to Jessie J!

Novaforesta Jack Black at 4 weeks old

Novaforesta Jack Black has decided to wake up and show you all how handsome he is. He takes himself off and sleeps in the smallest box, strange that the puppy often missing is the largest.

Novaforesta Journey at 4 weeks old

Novaforesta Journey (green collar) at 4 weeks old, a gentle girl still but probably by 6 weeks she will be the tearaway.

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Novaforesta Journey at 3 weeks

Novaforesta Journey a brown female known as green collar, she is another quiet pup but very cuddly I really need to get a better photo as she is beautiful. A bit of winter sunshine and I will get better photos.

Novaforesta Jessie J at 3 weeks

Novaforesta Jessie J is our brown female first born and is a lively noisy demanding darling, this little girl is always watching you and is the first to want to be picked up or first on your lap, she is the puppy you just cannot ignore. You can so see mischief written all over that face, she is only small but very outgoing.

Novaforesta Joni Mitchell at 3 weeks

Novaforesta Joni Mitchell a brown female previously known as purple collar. An active puppy as you can see, and quite small as not yet able to feed if Hallie decides to stand and feed the pups, Hallie has 8 teats so there are always 3 puppies that have to wait, so to get food this little girl has to be a little more devious and generally tries to find a different route to the others which often ends with us hooking her out as she has been squashed. At least now we are giving them some steak mince and goats milk so meal times are a little fairer !

Novaforesta Joan Jet at 3 weeks

Novaforesta Joan Jet, the larger black girl. She is very laid back and loves a cuddle and I need to get better photos so will try harder tomorrow. She is another quieter puppy.