Saturday, 27 January 2018

The Kennel Club have accepted the Barbet


Well what can I say?
Finally ''The Barbet'' has been accepted onto the import register by the Kennel Club.

We now have a lot of work ahead of us, but we have been rehearsing this moment for years so I think we are well prepared.

A team effort by the Barbet Club, with input and encouragement from friends of the breed overseas too.

Watch this space!

Sunday, 21 January 2018

A few updates as puppies have reached 6 months

The lovely Charlie

Charlie with a glimpse of his best toy

Charlie looking rather grown up

Ted out exploring

Ted learning that he is a waterdog

Friday, 28 July 2017

Martha and Murdoch puppies are 8 weeks

Novaforesta New Day aka Isla
Novaforesta New Dawn aka Coco

Novaforesta New Start aka Charlie bear

Novaforesta New Life aka  Huggy Bear

Novaforesta New Moon aka Rockford

Novaforesta New Horizon aka Tarka
Novaforesta New World aka Ted
 A sad week as the puppies are leaving to start their new lives with their new families. I will miss them all . I will be filling my spare time grooming my dogs although they dont know it yet. As I type I have 5 puppies at my feet or wrapped round my computer chair so I dare not move, always a happy barbet if at your feet. I will be posting some fun pics later.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Novaforesta New Moon at 7 weeks

Novaforesta New Moon ,this boy can play rough with Snoop, well I mean he doesn't run and hide when she goes silly! I am fairly certain I have saved his life several times as not taking cover has a risk attached. He was very interested in the cat but has learnt after several swipes that best keep your distance.  

Novaforesta New Horizon at 7 weeks

Novaforesta New Horizon, lively  girl with plenty of spirit that knows what she wants, when she gets the bone then no one else can catch her! she enjoys the chase as she is full of fun. Bit of a poser too.

Novaforesta New World at 7 weeks

Novaforesta New World is my boy that used to sleep under the sofa ( and get stuck) however he has worked out he is too big now and hasn't done it for several days or maybe he now prefers to sleep under the grown up dog bed that we have in the kitchen! Having also now fed the pups on their own, he is not a fast eater either which was a surprise as he was always in the food bowl which made it harder for the others to eat.

Novaforesta New Start at 7 weeks

Novaforesta New Start is my quietest boy, he is playful with the others but is also happy to be on his own, he is my only digger at the moment but then I suspect he was the only one that found the hole which had been carefully concealed by a bucket but as he is normally nose down in the garden  he nearly always has something in his mouth. He is also still a very cuddly boy.