Tuesday 9 July 2019

New Barbet family members

Martha,Moby,Roobarb and Snoop


Roobarb and Moby
Roobarb and Martha

So our life went from busy to complete madness as our first new arrival was Roobarb ( Trufallie Cashew) , she is from a lovely breeding by my friend Nikki who has made history as this is the first UK litter born that will be registered at the Kennel Club.

A month later we had another arrival and sweet Moby appeared in the middle of the night rather stressed out as he had been on a journey over a couple of days from Poland. He settled very quickly and is delightful  with his command of English getting better daily.

Having 2 puppies is not only hard work but also very time consuming as it is important to treat them as individuals but as I have now given up work I have all the time it needs.

Barbet puppy news abroad

More exciting news with puppies arriving mid July is that Martha's son  Charlie (Novaforesta New Start )  will become a father and the lucky girl is Fair ( Poppenspaler's Nobles Fair). This litter will be born in the Netherlands so very pleased that the genes of this wonderful male will be travelling and making a difference not just to the UK but to the wider Barbet community.


Barbet puppies July 2019

I am so happy to announce that Boris (Novaforesta James Brown) will become a father at the end of July. He is a super dog in every way, and passed his health tests for breeding with excellent results.  Awelymor Maelee avec Muddiwax is the lucky girl.  I can't wait to see the puppies and watch them grow and hope to be able to share some photos with you when the time comes. Fingers crossed for their safe arrival first..


Monday 8 July 2019

Breeding plans Summer 2019

This lovely boy is Barbedoux Riva Di Castro aka Joep and he is the chosen one for my sweet Snoop.

He is about the same size as Snoop, weighs a little less but Snoop is a heavy female which no doubt she has inherited from Martha.
He has been fully health tested for breeding in Holland and most importantly does not carry VWD type 1 as Snoop is a carrier. Three of his litter have been hip scored and all have A hips which is very nice to see.
Described as a very stable male which is perfect as Snoop is a lively lass.......
My aim always when choosing a male is to have a plan as to breeding on, as the future is so important for the breed emerging in the UK. This pedigree in the making has barbets that I have met over the years, and if I haven't met them personally then I know about the lines so that has also helped my choice.
Now it is just waiting for Snoop and her timings.

Barbet puppy plans

Snoopdogg will be having a litter this year, and I will post a photo later of her chosen  man with some more details. She is definitely ready for this new chapter in her life, and she has been a wonderful girl taking our two new pups under her wing. 

Saturday 27 January 2018

The Kennel Club have accepted the Barbet


Well what can I say?
Finally ''The Barbet'' has been accepted onto the import register by the Kennel Club.

We now have a lot of work ahead of us, but we have been rehearsing this moment for years so I think we are well prepared.

A team effort by the Barbet Club, with input and encouragement from friends of the breed overseas too.

Watch this space!

Sunday 21 January 2018

A few updates as puppies have reached 6 months

The lovely Charlie

Charlie with a glimpse of his best toy

Charlie looking rather grown up

Ted out exploring

Ted learning that he is a waterdog