Monday 8 July 2019

Breeding plans Summer 2019

This lovely boy is Barbedoux Riva Di Castro aka Joep and he is the chosen one for my sweet Snoop.;2:1335105&g=4&p=bar&o=ajgrep

He is about the same size as Snoop, weighs a little less but Snoop is a heavy female which no doubt she has inherited from Martha.
He has been fully health tested for breeding in Holland and most importantly does not carry VWD type 1 as Snoop is a carrier. Three of his litter have been hip scored and all have A hips which is very nice to see.
Described as a very stable male which is perfect as Snoop is a lively lass.......
My aim always when choosing a male is to have a plan as to breeding on, as the future is so important for the breed emerging in the UK. This pedigree in the making has barbets that I have met over the years, and if I haven't met them personally then I know about the lines so that has also helped my choice.
Now it is just waiting for Snoop and her timings.