Wednesday 29 May 2013

Novaforesta Illustrious at 6 weeks

This boy was blue collar, and he is quiet but playful,  He rarely is the cause of trouble but that might mean he is just bright enough to avoid being seen. He comes and sits in front of me almost asking to play, a real sweetie.

Novaforesta Imperial at 6 weeks

This is my smallest boy, and he is definately a mini Bepop. He is nearly always half asleep when I have visitors and is never a pushy puppy, he just gets on with things quietly. Tonight he had a walk (in my arms) round the roads and he was just taking in all the smells and you could almost hear his brain whirring with all the new noises . If he were human, he would be reading books to gain knowledge.

Novaforesta Irresistible at 6 weeks

She is beautiful and she knows it, she loved the pheasant wing which I resorted to as my camera is not that great and is eating batteries and has a very long shutter speed, so trying to capture a photo of a hectic pup running round the garden is a challenge. She has a lively charactor, and is probably my biggest yeller for attention, she is very sociable and has been loving the attention of visitors.

Novaforesta Iron Duke

Formerly known as red collar boy, lovely chunky lad who loves being in the middle of all the fun. Nothing worries this boy and he is never camera shy. At the moment, the biggest boy in the litter but as we have seen in the past this doesn't mean he will be a big dog

Novaforesta Investigator? at 6 weeks

Now this boy has the softest of mouths, and ran round the garden like a lunatic when he found the pheasant wing, so I had to wait until he decided to show his trophy off to his litter mates. He is the softest and sweetest and just loves to be cuddled.
EDIT : Need to check his new owners like his name but they are away for a few days

Novaforesta Intrepid

Novaforesta Intrepid (purple collar), he is a much braver boy that he used to be and seems to love children when they visit as he is the first to clamber on a childs lap. He is not a vocal pup at all, and seems quite an independant chap.

Novaforesta Invincible at 6 weeks

This is Novaforesta Invincible, a lovely boy formerly know as Green collar. This boy is full of fun, loves playing and is not as vocal as his sister! He has a beautiful expression.

Names and puppy photos today

They are 6 weeks old and quite a handful to say the least, i wonder how I ever coped with 12 puppies! Today they will be named as they are 6 weeks old. In a couple of days I will be able to name the puppies still for sale, although I know I still have a black boy and a brown boy.

Sunday 26 May 2013

Puppy names

I am nearly there with the final names,not sure why I make such a big deal about it as it really is for the official paperwork. I have finally decided on HMS ships beginning with I. I have taken a long time as I have been a little dubious about always spelling the names correctly and I want to get the right names for the right puppies. I don't chose the pet names, so this is my little bit of fun.
There will definately be :
Novaforesta Impey
Novaforesta Ilston
Novaforesta Itchen
Novaforesta Iron Duke

Martha has had her second bath

A beautiful Barbet if I say so myself, but those who have met her know that she is rather quirky. As a family dog, she is the most lovable, adorable,sweetest Barbet you could wish for. As a dog to meet and greet people, we have a way to go with her.

Morning to the world

Friday 24 May 2013

Cute puppy

I know how lucky I am to have these puppies, every day they change and every day they make me smile

Thursday 23 May 2013

Bepop - Barbet Mum gets gold star

It is tiring being a Mum
I can play with you but  I am not going to feed you.

I can still reach you and play, but my milk bar is staying out of reach!

Bepop has been a lovely Mum to this litter, and at 5 weeks we are at a real transition time with me taking over the feeding. The pups are on numerous meals, which include raw chicken, tripe, minced beef, and some white fish. They are also loving the goats milk and diluted evaporated milk. Bepop is still in with the pups, but she has the settee than gives her space if needed, and also the whelping box is high sided which gives her another escape route, she is also leaving the pups to relax with Martha and Bobby in the garden. Last night she dropped me a big hint that her pups were hungry, as I had given her a jacket potato and a fried egg (treats because she is being so good!) well she obviously ate the egg, but I found the pups in a huddle devouring the potato!   

Adorable Barbet puppy

Blissfully asleep. 

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Finally purple Barbet boy at 5 weeks

He is rather beautiful, and he started by being the most shy boy of the litter and the most sensitive, but this is changing as he gets older. He entertains himself with toys and has proper games and a couple of times has fooled me as I think he is having a scuffle with another pup but no, he is just chatting to a toy.

Blue Barbet boy at 5 weeks

He is cheeky this boy, quietly confident, the sort of puppy that sits behind you whilst you are looking for him chewing the end of your trousers, he used to be a real wriggler like green collar but now just happy to be held and shown new things, similar to the solid black boy, very happy to be cuddled and to sleep on your lap.

Solid black Barbet boy at 5 weeks

This is still the smallest pup, but don't be fooled as being little doesn't stop him being in the middle of the scrum for food so he is not missing out, he carries all the toys and out of the whole litter always shows an interest as soon as something new arrives in the pen, he loves to sleep in the bed with all the toys, doesn't look very comfortable but that is what he likes. 

Red collar boy at 5 weeks

Well here he is, a Barbet puppy that is so easy to photograph, he just loves the camera or maybe just loves the attention. He is the bravest puppy outside, he is certainly the hungriest puppy, but not the one that makes the most noise, so strong and silent! This boy was totally relaxed with Martha, this was their first meeting not through the fence, the other pups were more fascinated by her as she was not Mum.

Little girl Barbet puppy at 5 weeks

She just loves Bepop this little girl, still very playful and seems to get pleasure from flooring her brothers!, she plays mostly with the solid black boy. Considering my camera is playing up, the first photo here of her just melts me, I will have so many beautiful memories of this litter.

Green collar boy at 5 weeks

Now considering this boy was like a bar of slippery soap as a newborn he is now quite placid, that is if puppies can be placid! he loves being back in the bed quietly playing with toys.

Black boy with white stripe at 5 weeks old

I do not have favourites but this little boy was the first puppy that managed to climb on my lap unaided, he was determined and when he achieved he went to sleep. He is brave outside and quite an explorer, just adorable.

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Barbet puppy photos

Cute puppies

Now I think from left to right is purple,red and Blue

Barbet puppies at nearly 5 weeks

Mother and Daughter

fun times

Can we really go out !