Saturday 11 May 2013

puppy photos 3.5 weeks old

I have started to wean the pups on a recipe given to me by a friend who has been rearing pups for 30 years, and I am pleased to say that they are certainly ready for it and Bepop can start looking less haunted when they all start yelling. Whistle training will now commence, although if you watch the webcam then the pups will be fed outside the box, but you will see alot of excitement and the box being emptied!. I will feed them on different floor surfaces, and different food bowls as this is the time for the beginning of the handover from Bepop to me, she has done a wonderful job so far, she has been very protective of the pups with the other dogs around but is now starting to relax with Martha, Bobby and Jazz, however Betsy she feels is still a threat and in fairness she probably is as she is so maternal that she would without any doubt try and take the pups.