Wednesday 15 May 2013

Good news for Barbet puppies

I am rather shocked to be saying this but we have new people nextdoor and they have children who are so noisy it is wonderful. Are you shocked? My children are older, so we get car doors banging late at night, and we get loud music mingled with a few raised voices, but for puppies nothing beats young children screaming and yelling at random times. They have also been and bought a trampoline, which adds to my delight as the children bounce up and can see over our fence. Martha was completely gutted about this intrusion, but I am pleased to say that now she is just excited to see half a child appear and then disappear. On the downside for these kids, they have lost a few footballs, but dogs are dogs and random balls appearing in the garden makes them feel like its Xmas. So roll on Summer when the pups can go out and explore the garden and learn to live with the wonderful random noises that our neighbours make.