Thursday 23 May 2013

Bepop - Barbet Mum gets gold star

It is tiring being a Mum
I can play with you but  I am not going to feed you.

I can still reach you and play, but my milk bar is staying out of reach!

Bepop has been a lovely Mum to this litter, and at 5 weeks we are at a real transition time with me taking over the feeding. The pups are on numerous meals, which include raw chicken, tripe, minced beef, and some white fish. They are also loving the goats milk and diluted evaporated milk. Bepop is still in with the pups, but she has the settee than gives her space if needed, and also the whelping box is high sided which gives her another escape route, she is also leaving the pups to relax with Martha and Bobby in the garden. Last night she dropped me a big hint that her pups were hungry, as I had given her a jacket potato and a fried egg (treats because she is being so good!) well she obviously ate the egg, but I found the pups in a huddle devouring the potato!