Sunday 17 August 2014

Netis Jitterbug aka Pi

Pi has started dog training and as expected is a little star.She is going to her first dog show in November in Calais so will be having her rabies shot soon to enable her to travel.  

Happy Birthday Martha my dear

The sweetest girl was 2 years old this week, dear Martha who has to put up with so much now that Pi has joined us.
Martha has the shooting season to look forward to, then she will become a Mother in the Spring if all our plans work out.

Barbet mating plans

Charamese Hermione aka Hallie

Cooper du PrĂ© de Redy;2:958471&g=5&p=bar&date=iso&o=ajgrep

A good mating for us in the UK, 0/0 inbreeding over 4 generation and only 2.64% over 5 generations.

Hurry up Hallie, I want puppy time again :)