Friday 27 February 2015

Novaforesta Lady Fern at 2 weeks old

This little girl was known as white chin, she is quite a wriggly girl and is also a bit of a yeller when she wants food. My spare camera has also run out of charge so you will be seeing better photos of Lady Fern as these photos don't do her justice.

Novaforesta Livingstone Daisy at 2 weeks old

Once known at white foot, for the obvious reason she has one very white foot! She was the first girl to become more mobile, and is quite demanding when hungry as she yells for Mum.

Novaforesta Lenton Rose at 2 weeks

Now this Novaforesta Lenton Rose, known as white chest girl and is very similar to Lydia Broom, same character aswell as very calm, this will of course change in the next couple of weeks!

Novaforesta Lydia Broom

This cheeky girl was also known as white stripe, and its almost impossible to tell her apart from the other little girl with the white chest, They were born with only 9g weight difference, and tonight they have 6g weight difference.

Novaforesta Lily of the valley at 2 weeks

She is a real sweetie, very calm and quiet and the other pups use her as a cushion.

Novaforesta Laurel Oak at 2 weeks

The only boy in the litter and at the moment one of the smallest,but he wins the award for the biggest feet.The photo quality is not good, but I am getting a new camera :)

Martha and Ooli pups are 2 weeks old

Just sorting out the individual photos but this just shows you how things have changed in a week. The pups have their eyes open, they are moving around with more ease, they have started to play, and I have heard a few barks
A big day today as Nikki came and cut their nails, as I need stronger glasses as its too blurred for me to do it safely!, 
Names and more photos shortly.

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Martha and Ooli pups

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This is the boy with his friend, white chest. I really must sort out names! The puppies are doing really well, eyes are starting to open and they are getting rather mobile. They are a very content litter but reckon they will make up for it in a couple of weeks.

Saturday 21 February 2015

Martha and Ooli puppies at 1 week.

Black and white male birth weight 405g
Black and white female birth weight 420g
White stripe female (3 dipped white toes) birth weight 380g

White chest female (1 dipped white foot) birth weight 389g
Entire white left foot, other feet dipped white female birth weight 405g
White chin female dipped white toes birth weight 405g

Friday 20 February 2015

Martha and Ooli pups at 1 week old

Female with white chest and white dipped toes, birth weight 389g

I will update photos as I get them but the puppies are camera shy today and my camera is playing up and keeps turning off. 

The official names for Martha and Ooli pups

Soon to be released, but hot favorites are film titles or song titles.
It is a pleasurable time waster looking up suitable names, I wanted Lizzy Dripping and Looby Lo, but not enough other L characters unless I am missing something. I have to like the names......or at least respect them.
We had assumed it was a K year, but the French don't have a K year ( thank you to a puppy owner for that info!) but we had chosen Thai Islands as all start with Koh :) so anyone back to making decisions.

Some of my thoughts :
Lady and the tramp
Little Miss Sunshine
Lost in translation
Love Actually
Last tango in Paris
Life of Brian
Look whos talking
Lassie come home

SINGERS OR BANDS (bit boring as did this with Hallies' litter)
Lady Gaga
Lily Allen
Lou Reed
Little feat

Still planning, nothing yet fixed....I like the French towns but a bit boyish I think

La Rochelle
Le Mans
Le Touquet
Le Havre

Black and white boy and webcam

The black and white boy was first born, weighing in at 405g.
He has a white stripe over his back end which is the best way of identifying him at a glance.
He seems a calm puppy at the moment, but then they all seem calm compared to white foot !

Martha and Ooli White foot puppy at 1 week old

This little girl was the 2nd born and has a white foot, and a white chest. Her birth weight was 405g. She is now the heaviest pup, and already up on her feet!. She is quite demanding on Martha, and already has the ability to turf off any other pups from the teats if she wants more.

Webcam and puppies

I haven't put collars on, as all the puppies have different markings although this puppy is fairly easy to identify !. She was born last and weighed 420 g and has nearly symmetrical markings on her back end.

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Martha and Ooli pups at 4 days old

They are growing very fast, and if Martha is lucky they now take at least a 5 minute break between feeds. The names have nearly been decided as this litter will be Islands in Thailand, and yes there will be a Koh Lanta and a Koh Jum just debating if it tempts fate calling a puppy after a party Island!.

Friday 13 February 2015

Reeds Fowling Alexia and Novaforesta Dudley are parents

Friday the 13th quite a day to have 6 puppies arrive.
Martha was very relaxed during the birth and managed the safe delivery of all the pups in 1 hour 15 minutes, although she was exhausted after spending most of the early part of the evening in first stages of labor. The puppies are all very strong and feeding well, and Martha is superglued to the whelping box so she is being a good Mum. The new family comprises of a Black and white boy, a black and white girl, and 4 girls with white chests,  The weights of the puppies ranged from 380g to 420g, so they are fairly even in size.
2015 is a K letter year, so we have 6 names to choose starting with K.
More photos to follow.