Friday 13 February 2015

Reeds Fowling Alexia and Novaforesta Dudley are parents

Friday the 13th quite a day to have 6 puppies arrive.
Martha was very relaxed during the birth and managed the safe delivery of all the pups in 1 hour 15 minutes, although she was exhausted after spending most of the early part of the evening in first stages of labor. The puppies are all very strong and feeding well, and Martha is superglued to the whelping box so she is being a good Mum. The new family comprises of a Black and white boy, a black and white girl, and 4 girls with white chests,  The weights of the puppies ranged from 380g to 420g, so they are fairly even in size.
2015 is a K letter year, so we have 6 names to choose starting with K.
More photos to follow.