Sunday 29 May 2011

Novaforesta Duplo hip scores

Another fantastic result for Novaforesta Duplo, he has 'A' hips having scored only 6 on his official results.
Novaforesta Duplo at 8 weeks

Barbet D'arret History

Its rare to see actual photographs of our breed. This photo is from the book ''Dogs of all Nations'' by  Bylandt, a well respected man also known as the Father of the breed standards. The 1904 version of the book also shows three illustations of barbets and has the breed standard in English, French, German and Dutch. The Boulet (Griffon a poil long) and the Korthals are also listed. In this slice of history the Boulet was accepted as brown and white, not just brown. This photo accompanies the barbet standard in Dutch. Bylandt would have certainly known the difference between a barbet and a poodle, his poodle Ajax was featured in the book. Very pleased to see so much coverage of the barbet, and no mention of the pwd, swd, or the lagotto; it would have been good to see how they looked. One final word, this barbet seems almost to be sporting a spaniel trim, which makes me feel better as for working that`s how I trim Bepop.

Friday 20 May 2011

Poodle Review

I had an impressive book sent through the post today, from America.
Featuring no other than the Wonderful Remy.

The short Barbet

This Barbet is about 2'' all over, he has been shaved several times.
When you continually see the breed as hairy 'teddy bears' you can lose sight that this breed is a gundog.This dog was never shaved because the owner couldn't groom him, nor because his coat became one big knott, he was shaved because he was just getting too hot and he is an active dog that enjoyed playing with his short haired companions. My conclusion is that a good Barbet cannot be ruined by a short haircut, this boy has fantastic structure now clearly visible and doesn't need any disguising by trimming to emphasis his good points. This male is 57/58 in height and weighs 26kg.

Monday 9 May 2011

Be-Poppy aka Bepop and her French family

This is Lara, sister of Bepop.
Lara still lives with Bepops' Mother Agrippina in France.

This is Bepops' Mother Agrippina, she will be 9 years old in October.

Sunday 1 May 2011

Novaforesta Duplo

Duplo, is one of the males from Bepop and Caya and today was a big day as his hips were being x- rayed.
Lovely boy, and the initial result of the hips is that they are excellent, so we can only hope for another low score for a UK born Barbet, possibly at least 4/6 weeks before the official result will be known.
I did a little grooming on Duplo, as he will be one of the males going for confirmation in June this year in France.

Dog Show in France.

Exposition de DOUAI les 2 JOURS  Samedi 11 et Dimanche 12 Juin 2011

I have finally booked dear Bepop for probably her final dog show in France.

Three/maybe four UK barbets will be confirmed at this show, all being well.

Bepop retrieving pheasant in water
Bepop is cut short, so for showing she will not look her best, but as most of you know I work Bepop, and long hair and working do not go hand in hand. I cannot  enter the working class in France as Bepop has not taken the BCE (the working test in France), hopefully one day the timing will be right so that she can take the test, as I am 99.9% confident she would pass.