Sunday, 29 May 2011

Barbet D'arret History

Its rare to see actual photographs of our breed. This photo is from the book ''Dogs of all Nations'' by  Bylandt, a well respected man also known as the Father of the breed standards. The 1904 version of the book also shows three illustations of barbets and has the breed standard in English, French, German and Dutch. The Boulet (Griffon a poil long) and the Korthals are also listed. In this slice of history the Boulet was accepted as brown and white, not just brown. This photo accompanies the barbet standard in Dutch. Bylandt would have certainly known the difference between a barbet and a poodle, his poodle Ajax was featured in the book. Very pleased to see so much coverage of the barbet, and no mention of the pwd, swd, or the lagotto; it would have been good to see how they looked. One final word, this barbet seems almost to be sporting a spaniel trim, which makes me feel better as for working that`s how I trim Bepop.