Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Which dog is the cleverest?

A quick challenge to test my dogs.

I put spaghetti in their full water bowl to see what each dog would do:

The results

Jazz initially tried to pick out the spaghetti, then drank all the water so only the spaghetti was left.
Bobby looked at it for several minutes, then tipped up the bowl (small flood in kitchen!) he ate the stranded spaghetti.
Bepop made alot of mess but just stuck her nose in and ate it with gurgling noises.
Betsy looked at it, then at me and decided against the whole experiment and went back to snoozing.

I am not sure it shows intelligence, but it does show their characters.
Jazz typically would be quiet and not attract attention over food, so that the other dogs are not alerted.
Bepop and Bobby wouldn't give a damm about mess/noise/attracting attention
Betsy normally seeks guidence, if none is given she feigns sleep.

Hide and seek in our house is boring with Bepop,Betsy and Jazz as all scent far too easily. Bobby just gets very over excited, and it takes him ages to find you, although as Bobby is normally at your heels its hard to lose him to hide, but when I do....its a great game, and the hysteria when he finds you is so endearing that it makes dog ownership priceless