Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Beautiful Daria

One day I hope to see this rather beautiful girl, she lives in Finland with a wonderful family, she is the daughter of Bepop and Caya. Nice to see her doing agility.
Very fond memories of her owner and the delight of her 4 day visit when she picked up Daria, it was chaos here with 12 pups in the kitchen!
She will be 3 years in November, and her height is 55/56 so smaller than her Mum.
Success stories and puppies so makes me want more, luckily time flies and maybe 2012 will be my lucky year, my puppy has already been named 'Hattie', so there is hope as 2012 will be an 'H' year for pups.
I am keeping everything crossed for Ebene x Ooli, and Bonnie x Eton.