Monday 13 June 2011

A French Dog show experience. Part 1

Starting with CONFIRMATION.
Two English Barbets and a Canadian barbet were confirmed by M. Dupas (see below) on Saturday 11th June 2011 at the French Championship show in Douai.Well done to Eton, Duplo and Ebene.The confirmation process was very easy, they check the dogs over,measure them, check teeth, tail set, coat quality, and check the movement.The support from the organisers of the show is worth a mention, the show secretary certainly was aware that a small group had arrived from the UK, but without fault our questions were dealt with and no problems with language barriers, just lots of smiling, we had such a good weekend.   

Jean Jacques Dupas (France)

An experienced and respected FCI Judge Mr Dupas has been an owner and handler of Afghans, Berger des Pyrenees and Shih Tsu. He has exhibited his dogs in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal and many other countries of Europe.
He has held many positions of importance in the French canine world such as : Secretary of French Kennel Club in Paris; President of Club St Hubert du Nord (Kennel Club for the north of France); President of the Club du Caniche de France; Member of comite Club Français de l'Eurasier ; President of the Afghan and Saluki French Club; President of the Greyhound French Club; Secretary of the Berger des Pyrénées and Pyrenean Mountain Dog French Club.
He has judged in : France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Ireland, USA, Poland, Finland, Hungary, Sweden, Canada, Portugal, Slovakia, Lithuania, Monaco..