Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Barbet Puppy plans

Cooper du Pre de Redy
Charamese Hermione ( Hallie)

 This will be my next Novaforesta litter later this year.

Cooper is a beautiful brown boy from Germany who is about 58 in height, so a perfect size for a male and has A hips and a 0/0 elbow score. He has passed his character tests in Switzerland.

Hallie as I am sure you know is  not only beautiful in looks and character, but has A hips and a 0/0 elbow score and her height is about 56 (hard to measure as she has so much coat at the moment) and she weighs about 20kg

A  lovely combination to take the Barbet forward in the UK with some new blood.

Cooper and Hallie proposed pedigree

   My puppy waiting list has resumed its pace :)