Saturday, 21 March 2015

Novaforesta puppies, Martha and Ooli at 5 weeks

This little girl loves Pi and is very much one of the crowd, at the moment she doesn't ever seem in the thick of any mischief but does like mud!

He is such a boy in looks, but he is quiet and very gentle and loves a cuddle. At the moment the girls are taking advantage of him as he is avoiding most of the wrestling games. 

This little girl is quiet but one of the first to explore, and just loves being outside. She loves also to play with Lydia Broom 

She is still a poser for the camera, and can normally be found sitting waiting for the gate to open to find new adventures, but then decides last minute that the kitchen is fun enough . 

She loves to carry all the toys, the best find a pair of socks which were taken and hidden from the others. She is very tail waggy and a very happy puppy

She is a cheeky girl, and the slowest eater in the litter but she is a confident girl and loves being outside. She was the only pup that disppeared with Martha late last night  to the end of the garden, so not sure whether that makes her brave or mad, however she did fall asleep first so it wore her out!  
I apologise for the photos being a day late, but last night I had them all out in the garden at night and had no PC time. The pups are on 3 meals a day, resonding well to the whistle and just busy exploring.