Wednesday 12 June 2013

Novaforesta Intrepid at nearly 8 weeks

Yellow collar, then purple collar, then Novaforesta Intrepid, now I am calling him Harpo which really suits him. He has such a lovely endearing face and is very easily led by the little girl when she goes off exploring, he rarely gets the blame for anything but that might be because he is bright and leaves the scene of destruction. When I gave the pups chicken necks to eat, they all settled down very happy but it lasted seconds as this little boy ate his whole and decided that he could manage 6 others without a problem! I had the same thing with chicken wings and Obi, one gulp and gone and then the potential to grab all the others!
Harpos' new adventures will start on Sunday (actually tonight as I haven't told him about the 2 needles at the vets!)