Saturday 28 April 2012

Wet days and paperwork but lots of good news.

Another wet day in the UK, its getting a tad boring and with any spare time I should be down my allotment planting seeds. But instead, I am sorting out paperwork inbetween the most important distraction of puppies.
News today, two of the male puppies from Ebene and Ooli will be training for gundog work, One pup has already been signed up to start training with 'Huw' a wonderful gundog trainer in Wales where we spent a weekend several years ago. Lucky Huw will have another barbet to make into a steady gundog. The other pup will be trained as a gundog and be working on a family shoot.So 2 more barbets being trained is something to celebrate.
The video showing barbets training and working on land and water  that was requested this year by the organisers of the Sporting pavillion at the CLA Game Fair has been sent off ......a big thank you to Lorraine and David for that.
Finally the Kennel Club have been in contact over our recognition of the Barbet in the UK, the committee have  requested clarification over a few points in our submitted application. It maybe I have misunderstood a question  and ticked the wrong box, easily done at times! but I am seeking more information from France, where better than the home of the Barbet. On a positive note, more communication with our Kennel Club means I can now let them know about the 2 new litters born in the UK, our numbers have increased by 19 dogs since my application went in December. I will also be able to send them the video of the barbets working that will be seen at the Game Fair.
Strangely enough, the letter from the  KC also mentioned whether a breed club was being established, * cough cough cough* page 41 of the application........ I take that as a good sign that they never got beyond page 40.