Friday 20 April 2012

Barbet puppies

The two pups are doing very well, and both gaining weight nicely.
I speak to Julie everyday to keep her updated on their progress, and the latest news from Julie is that all the pups are doing very well and Bonnie has had her operation and is at home recovering.
The photo is of the little boy, he is still small but is developing normally and is now moving rather quickly from A to B.
At 15 days old I have moved them into a puppy pen with a bed, as they had learnt about climbing out of the bed I had for them and as our house is quite cold and draughty I was worried they would chill too easily.
What an experience we are sharing as a family, my kitchen has been turned into a nursery and I am having to be quite organised as the pups need feeding at regular times. Bepop has been a star, she is cleaning them for me, so they are getting a good balance of human handling and maternal care by their Grandma, who is  quite a lot rougher than you would expect. Betsy wants to be with them at all times, but she has a desire to carry them which is what she did with her own pups, and as I don't know where she plans to take them I am being careful about too much contact. On a positive note, neither dog has claimed ownership and I do keep telling them that the pups are mine, so its a very chilled house.