Saturday 28 April 2012

Hope and Halfpint Barbet puppies

They do wake up sometimes, but this sleep was deep as both had their first bath in my washing up bowl. They both paddled round the bowl and either they enjoyed the experience or they were both in shock but they took the bathing in their stride.
Hope is now showing that she wants to play, her little tail wags on sight of Bepop or one of us. She uses her bottle like a punchbag, showing her frustration that the milk doesn't flow fast enough for her hungar, so weaning for her is easy. This morning she came out for a walkabout and met Bobby face to face, he was very gentle but was looking over his shoulder for Bepop or Betsy, so I got the feeling he felt he was too close to such a young pup. As for Halfpint, he is a few days behind Hope, he loves his bottle and loves a cuddle while feeding,with a full tummy he wants nothing more than the crook of your arm and sleep so he is not as eager to explore yet . I am not getting attached, BUT both these pups stare at your face when you feed them, they fix you with a look that can't help but make your heart skip a beat. Monday will be  the next stage for these beautiful pups, they are going home and they will be over the coming days/weeks be reunited with their large family.