Sunday, 20 October 2013

Hip Score results and breeding

and the good news is .......Martha has 7/8 hips which means she has now passed her health checks for breeding.
2014 will be another bumper year for the breed in the UK as I hope that we will have the patter of little paws.

Hallie and Martha are both lovely Barbets and are both Grandchildren from the foundation girls in the UK, Betsy and Bepop.

Hallie is a French registered pedigree Barbet,  has the Tan, a clear eye certificate, hip score 5/4, confirmed exc at a dog show in France and proved her character on a shoot in the UK.
Martha formerly a Dutch registered pedigree Barbet ( but shortly will be transferred to the French registration ) has the Tan, a clear eye certificate, hip score 7/8, confirmed exc at a dog show in France, and has now been on a shoot in the UK and proved her steadiness.
Both girls will retrieve to hand with cold game, and both swim well
Both Hallie and Martha are approx 55 in height and weigh approx 20Kg,
Both girls are delightful company and are excellent family dogs

I will be very happy to be able to reproduce little Marthas' and little Hallies'  and I will be choosing   husbands for both girls that will compliment their characters and good health.
It all sounds perfect doesn't it?, I have bred 4 litters and already the breed is sorted and I have perfect Barbets.
Well, there is no such thing as a perfect dog for a start and the Barbet is no different.
The breed is still young in the UK and I still have so much to learn but I can't help but be excited about more puppies :0