Sunday, 28 July 2013

Dog History and confusion

This has been sent to me by one of our Barbet owners in the UK, and it is worth a read as for me it highlights why there are disputes throughout the world on the history of certain breeds including the Barbet. People see a painting or a photograph that potentially has a historical link to their breed of dog and then claim it to be part of their dog history. The link below shows paintings, and the confusion surrounding it and is very well written.
Dog history

When I read about the Barbet and its history on websites around the world, I feel quite sad about the future as there are so many confusing accounts. I feel sorry for anyone in 100 years looking back in time, as this slice of Barbet history being made will be nonsense to any good researcher, and where will they find out information as websites will come and go, will there be internet archives available? we have history available to us from books written centuries ago for our present research.
The history of the Barbet in the UK (which will be documented on paper records) will only be facts although I would like to offer explanations as to why the breed has struggled in mainly France I will not as it will then become my personal opinion mixed with facts and for any historical content in the future it would be useless.