Tuesday 2 July 2013

Barbet dogs in the UK

Although I have far too many emails to read and phone calls to make, as I am still catching up after 8 weeks of puppies, I just felt the need to have a Barbet dog count.
This could be wrong, as not everyone will be in contact with the Barbet Club but at least these are the Barbets we know about.

We have 6 imported Barbets, 1 from France, 2 from Poland, 2 from Holland and 1 from Canada.
10 pups from Betsy
16 pups from Bepop.
9 pups from Ebene
12 pups from Dora

So we have at least 53 Barbets now living in the UK.

If you read this and you live in the UK and own a Barbet that has different parentage than the above then please get in touch so we can count you in as it would be good to have accurate numbers.

At my last count Betsy has 35 grandchildren,
Effie 8 puppies
Eton 27 puppies

Bepop has 30 grandchildren
Ooli (Dudley) 13 puppies
Dora 14 puppies
Duplo 3 puppies.

The next generation of breeding with Claude, Hallie, Martha and Hector will be very exciting for me, so far the health reports have been excellant, as Claude,Hallie and Hector all have A hips and you can't get better than that, Martha will have her hips scored at 12 months so fingers crossed and then just eye testing results to come.