Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Best dog sitter ever

Mad Martha after being groomed
When you have more than 2 dogs it can be hard to have holidays, as for us with the camper van, the dogs would cost us at least three times more a day in kennels than a campervan pitch with electrics/water a day, so it does often put us off going anywhere. However our lives have changed as one of our Barbet owners comes to stay to look after my dogs, and the best thing about it all is that my dogs love her so I never have to worry about their care. So I can't tell you how wonderful it was to return home feeling very chilled after Glastonbury to find a very clean house, a freshly bathed and groomed Bepop, and a groomed out Martha, how lucky am I? now that just has to be a dog sitter worth a million (and she left us biscuits and 4 pints of milk)