Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Martha my dear

Martha has that extra ingredient which makes people smile.She is as needy as Bobby, which for me is perfect as I like dogs that I can learn to understand and I find I never ever get cross about the quirky behaviour, it just makes me laugh. Martha cannot cope with strange noises that people make when they try to attract her attention, and we all do it without realising. Loud noises, fireworks and thunder she doesn't lift her head, but a human making any sound with their lips then she is off, and because children don't generally make those noises she will greet them with no anticipation. I have to say having so many visitors over the last couple of months has done her the world of good and she was so sweet with Betsy when she was ill, you would always find her lying nearby as was Bobby, both were tuned in and seemed to know that Betsy wanted their company.