Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Jazz the Standard Poodle

A quick update for those who are interested.
A week of anti inflammatory tablets meant that he was buzzing, the words ''calm down'' were said far too often and I had to shut my eyes watching him take corners at speed as his back legs failed him and he would end up in a heap. So as they also upset his stomach, he has been taken off them as he was a liability to himself. It is a hard choice sometimes, but he did a 3 mile walk at the weekend and still ran out in the garden looking for a ball, and he is still no stiffer after exercise than before. His time will come when he needs them, but I don't think he needs them yet. As for the ghastly lump on his back that the vet wanted to remove with a GA after a week of antibiotics, and in fairness to the vet it was hard to see what was skin and what potentially was hair.  Well yesterday I shaved him off, and my daughter who is less squeamish investigated the lump. As Jazz is deaf and very poor sighted, he took no notice of the screams and my retching, he just sat there in his own world, and the good news is that without going into too much detail, the lump is now an acceptable size (he has had it years bless him).Another shock for Jazz is that at 13.5 years old, he now shares his home with 2 kittens, and he is coping. He is an amazing dog, his life changes daily and yet he takes it all in his stride