Sunday, 11 August 2013

Martha the Barbet

I can't really call her Mad Martha anymore as she is growing up into quite a normal sensible dog but and there is always a but she still wakes me every night and it is always the same routine. She sleeps half in her dog bed and half sprawled out on the floor, and without fail about 2am I wake up because I can her this huffing and puffing noise and a definate current of air. Martha is doing the cha cha with her body and breathing on my face. Well many moons ago I would stumble downstairs and open the back door, and she would stand there surveying the night by my side with that Martha look, if she could speak she would be asking '' what are we doing now''  an impolite version being ''wtf''. But we have moved on from our night time excursions and all that happens now is a butterfly kiss on my hand and she walks back to her bed and goes back to sleep.
On another very positive note, she asked for an armpit tickle from a visitor which was lovely to see as it is really nice that others can witness the loving and affectionate dog that Martha is with us.
Everyone loves Martha, she is a very endearing dog,
She will be taking the Tan shortly, then her hips will be tested and then she will be attending a dog show in France.