Friday 18 May 2012

Kennel Club update

The  Breed Standards Sub-Committee will be meeting again on the 27th June 2012, and the recognition of the Barbet as a breed in the UK will be on their agenda.
The information requested by the Committee will be submitted in time for this meeting.

Having been the receiver of two rejections by the Breed Standards Sub Committee Kennel Club in the past, its far too early to get excited. My world crashed when we had our first rejection, by the second rejection I was getting more used to the idea!,and on a very positive note with the help of the French Club allowing us to take the Tan in England and in Wales and the wonderful assistance of The French Kennel Club the breed in the UK has achieved so much in the last three years. So my theory in life that something positive always comes from something negative remains true. Anyway, crossed fingers, crossed toes and crossed paws and think good thoughts  about the breed and its future on the 27th June.