Friday 18 May 2012

Rustic barbets

I have had an awful thought, I last groomed my 4 dogs before Ooli and Alba mated, and today I have read that she is on week 7 of pregnancy which means I should have my wrists slapped. My dogs probably think they have died and gone to heavon as 7 weeks + and no grooming is almost as good as being a short haired dog!. Tomorrow is already planned as we will be in Windsor to see the Queen (I hope) and so Sunday if its raining I will be doing 'extreme dog grooming', if its sunny I need to plant seeds at my allotment or we will have no veg this summer. I have to say my  very rustic barbets,( its a better way of saying neglected!) look rather good, but I also know that between the 4 of them I have an entire city garden lurking in their coats.