Tuesday 22 May 2012

Extreme grooming

Well, what can I say other than whoops!
Saturday was a busy day, seeing the Queen in Windsor  and then a wonderful evening meal with some French visitors. So Sunday morning I wasn't really wanting to groom and poor  Bobby was first on the table as he dogs my heels and followed me into the grooming room.I started some serious brushing which lasted all of 10 minutes and then I reached for the clippers, the sun was streaming through the window so I went for the complete removal of coat, so Bobby is now nude.  The girls were not as bad as I had thought, so maybe I lied about not grooming them for 7 weeks, I will never know but neither girl took that long to throughly groom. Jazz was easy too, as he had been shaved 7 weeks ago, so only needed his face trimming. Dear Jazz has a small lump over his eye which I found when he was on the table, so that may need closer inspection by an expert. If you look closely at the photo, the black blob (in line with washing basket) by the trampoline is Bepop. Now I thought Bepop was clever but hiding behind a pole on a trampoline was not good, I spotted her immediately, bear in mind that she had been lying at my feet during Bobbys' grooming experience. She must have thought she was to be the next grooming victim. For now my girls are safe, neither have the short back and sides....