Thursday 10 May 2012

British Barbet History

Auntie Bepop with three pups from Betsy and Boree
All this puppy talk has made me start looking back through my photos. The first litter of Barbet puppies born in the UK, was between Betsy and Boree. I have so many movie clips and photos that I must start sorting them out and getting things more organised. Having spent time looking at the history of the breed, at least  for the future the start of the Barbet can be recorded in the UK and unlike some of the rubbish you read about the breed on some websites at least in the UK with DNA recorded for all the pups born since 2008 there will never be fanciful stories about the British Barbet and its ancestry!.

The Barbet Club of Great Britain will soon be publishing International show results for Barbets that reside in the UK and also the History of the British Barbet.