Thursday, 24 May 2012

Helllloooo Hallie

We have a new resident at the Preston household, meet Hallie the grandaughter of Betsy and Bepop.Her registered name is  Charamese Hermione, she is the daughter of Bonnie and Eton.
What do my gang think of her?, well the kids are very happy as we as a family have never experienced owning a barbet puppy so yesterday she was in someones arms most of the evening and slept like a log all night! My dogs are as follows:
Bobby: He is probably still in shock over his haircut, and is with Hallies' arrival behaving a little like a toddler having a tandrum, his life has turned upside down as someone else wants his toy store, but he will get over it.
Betsy: Hallie has already realised that this hearth rug is comfy, Betsy loves this age of puppy so she is very happy and is being a good Grandma and tells off Bobby if he plays ( I am calling it playing, because Bobby is my perfect dog!) rough.
Bepop: I could write an essay, but so far so good although I did threaten the naughty room this morning. Bepop likes her space, and being greeted by a black jumping bean at 5.30am was not what she wanted. In my dreams she will like Hallie, but as she doesn't really like Betsy who knows.
Jazz: A quick kiss from Hallie and he fell in love, he only gets grumpy if pups run under him or trip him up,

I will keep you posted, but on her first day Betsy and Jazz get the awards for the best welcome.    .