Monday 14 May 2012

Bobby and Eton

Dear Bobby my pseudo barbet has issues with Eton as he really likes him BUT he also wants to be the Man about the house and protect Bepop and Betsy from the invading male visitor. I know its wrong to laugh, but he is so sweet as he encourages Eton to play which Eton accepts with open arms and then remembers his status as being 'the Man' to continually watch the body language of Bobby as he goes from a  male strut to play is amusing. I have not yet witnessed a male strut from Eton, he just looks a tad confused as to why the play stops. So when Bobby struts, Eton goes to see if the girls will play, which of course produces a bit more nervous energy from poor Bobby. Watching dogs together is pure bliss.
As for my girls, Bepop didn't like the scene and looked rather depressed, and Betsy watched the boys the whole time and made a strange  noise like a real yip if Bobby tried to be dominant with Eton, Betsy is a well mannered dog, she sees things with dog behaviour and reacts, as most my puppy owners know, she does not tolerate puppies (grown up pups really as most are 2-3 years old) jumping up at us, and in the dog world launching yourself at a human is bad manners, so Betsy and I disagree on that behaviour as I like to be floored by my puppies when I see them as it makes breeding these dogs worthwhile.