Monday, 24 January 2011

Novaforesta Demsey and Haircuts

8 weeks old
I am lucky as Novaforesta Demsey aka Mr Bentley lives near me, he was an adorable pup and has turned into the perfect pet for the family he lives with. Mr Bentley is shaved about every 6 months, and all I leave are his eyebrows and a bit of hair on his muzzle. For forest life its the best thing, ticks in the summer are a nuisance and can be clearly seen on a 'nude' barbet,and no concerns about overheating in the summer. In the winter his coat has grown and he spends much of his time lying in the garden regardless of the cold.

Bentley with three months hair growth.

He is a very docile male, and is one of the first litter born in the UK from Betsy so is just coming up to 3 years old. I borrowed Bentley for our TAN (basic working test) day, he had never had the opportunity to swim before as the forest where he walks has streams rather than lakes. He passed everything easily except the retrieve, he swam without thought and without ripples, but ignored the dummy so sadly he was a fail on the day. His owners were thrilled that he could swim, and not surprised about retrieving as Bentleys life is more about kids chasing after him with items of clothing in his mouth taken off the radiator!!!!!
Mr Bentley is about 59 in height and weighs about 30-32kg, he is a powerful dog but very gentle.
Mr Bentley with his summer trim, still wet from his bath, his eyebrows still needing a little tidying but I am sure you get an understanding of the trim.
I know I am lucky, to see Mr Bentley as ofton as I do, and to still be part of his life.