Sunday 30 January 2011

Rare breeds and working

On Friday I was invited to take part on a new shoot for their 'beaters day', this is so good for Bepop and I as its new ground, new people and new dogs. To me it felt like the first day at a new job, but once again everyone was extremely welcoming and made us both feel at home. Bepop knows its going be a good day as soon as she sees my working trousers and my beating stick.Since the Shooting times article, I have realised that working folk are sympathetic to the difficulties of working a rare breed, they are interested to see how a different dog works. Bepop was good on Friday, she did turn deaf a couple of times, but she worked well flushing. My downfall is I issue too many commands, so I know we have a long way to go together.I am also lucky that I have the chance to see Remy (Novaforesta Drew) at work, he is a fine flushing dog, and not forgetting DiDi (Novaforesta Diamond Black) who have been present on other shoots. At least this year at the game fairs we attend, I will have a greater understanding of the shooting world in the UK, and more importantly how the barbet can fit into that world.